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Star Teases ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Exit With Nod To Showrunner

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One of the cast members who reprised her role in Season 4 of the Paramount Network drama Yellowstone has hinted at leaving again in Season 5. She made a post to social media that has fueled speculation that she may not return with a heartfelt tribute to the series and its showrunner. Which Yellowstone star might be leaving the show again?

Star may be leaving Yellowstone in Season 5

Now Season 4 of Yellowstone has officially bitten the dust, fans are clearly looking forward to Season 5 of the Paramount Network show. However, one cast member has already teased an exit from the series in the fifth season. While posting a heartfelt tribute to the drama series and its showrunner, she hinted at a departure.

Which cast member hints at leaving Yellowstone in Season 5?
Yellowstone [Image Paramount Network/YouTube]
Yellowstone fans will know Katherine Cunningham in the role of Christina. In fact, she returned to the Paramount Network show in Season 4 to reprise her role. Despite this, Cunningham has now fueled speculation that she may not return in the fifth season of the show.

Christina in Season 4 of the Paramount Network show

The moment that Christina returned to Yellowstone was probably one of the show’s most talked-about scenes in the latest season. In Season 4, she reunited with Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) with his scheming biological father, Garrett Randall (Will Patton) doing the rounds. Christina came back into Jamie’s life with their son in tow and with plans to take down John Dutton (Kevin Costner). Meanwhile, given what happened in the Season 4 finale, Christina’s place in Yellowstone now looks in doubt.

Which cast member hints at leaving Yellowstone in Season 5?
Yellowstone [Image Paramount Network/YouTube]
Christina had initially left Jamie due to his firm loyalty and allegiance to John, the Duttons, and the ranch as a whole. This was especially so following the death of journalist Sarah Nguyen (Michaela Conlin). Due to all this, if Christina discovers in Season 5 that Jamie not only killed Garrett but will now be firmly under the Duttons’ control, she is likely to pack up and go again.

Katherine Cunningham teases leaving Yellowstone

After all that happened in Season 4, Katherine Cunningham has now made a post to Instagram which definitely teases she won’t be back. Sharing a number of images, Katherine reflected on her time on the show in a lengthy caption.

“It was such a pleasure to be gifted the opportunity to work on Yellowstone Season 4,” Cunningham wrote. She added that they had been in lockdown in Los Angeles and everything was uncertain. In fact, Katherine recalled being deeply sad and “in mourning for the life I knew.”

Katherine Cunningham teases leaving her role of Christina in Yellowstone in Season 5
[Image @katherinemcunningham/Instagram]
Her caption continued, saying that Yellowstone then called and asked if she and her family wanted to visit Montana for a month. Once there, she said it felt like taking a weighted blanket off their chests. This was partly due to the fact that they were out of the city, but also due to the safety protocol production had put in place. Cunningham said this made them feel so secure in their day-to-day.

As she continued, the actress who plays Christina gushed over her time on the series, saying how happy she and her family were in Montana. Cunningham noted that she usually does an appreciation post after a job. However, she said this appreciation post feels different because she wasn’t just going to work. Describing her time there, she said she and her family were getting out of the city to live their lives again.

Definite leaving vibes for Christina on Yellowstone

Throughout Cunningham’s caption, she made it pretty clear that her time on the show was over again. She went on to praise being directed by Christina Voros, thanked their costume designer, Johnetta and also Kether, their AD for helping her. Cunningham said how grateful she was to have been in touch with such “wonderful human beings during a scary time.”

Katherine Cunningham teases leaving her role of Christina in Yellowstone in Season 5
Katherine Cunningham [Image @katherinemcunningham/Instagram]
Readers, will you be sad to see Christina leave Yellowstone in Season 5? Share your thoughts below.

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