What Is Jeremiah Duggar’s Fiance Hannah Wissmann’s Job?

The Knot, Jeremiah Duggar and fiance Hannah Wissmann

Fans are excited to “meet” Jeremiah Duggar’s fiance Hannah Wissmann via social media. Because she was only introduced to fans recently, they don’t know much about her yet. But the couple’s future looks bright, and there will be plenty of chances for fans to “get to know her.”

In case you missed the news, the couple announced their relationship publicly in October 2021. Jeremiah took to social media after fans speculated for months that he was in a relationship with Hannah. Then, on January 6, the couple shared some exciting news. They are engaged!

It’s unclear what the true timeline is for their relationship. The Duggars typically wait to announce courtships or relationships until right before they get engaged. So, this could explain why the couple’s courtship seemed so short. They could have been courting for months before they even shared the news with fans.

Jana Duggar, Jeremiah’s older sister, was actually linked to Hannah’s older brother, Stephen Wissmann. However, that was all nothing more than rumors, so Jana is still single, as far as fans know.

For now, fans are interested to learn more about Hannah. So, what does the future Duggar daughter-in-law do for work?

Jeremiah Duggar’s fiance Hannah Wissmann has lots of talent to show off.

Hannah is 26 years old, while Jeremiah is 23 years old. The Wissmann daughter is one of 13 kids. Together, her family forms the Wissmann family band. The Christian group travels all over the United States to put on shows. She is a lead vocalist and a fiddle player.

It’s unclear how much money the Wissmanns bring in from their performances across the country. Their performances are sometimes at churches and other events, so they might receive donations. They also bring in money by selling their CDs, DVDs, and songbooks in their online store.

Because Hannah and her family live in Nebraska, while the Duggars live in Arkansas, we don’t know how things will change after the wedding. Most of the Duggar kids have stayed in Arkansas after marriage, but with Hannah’s connection to her family’s band, she may choose to stay close to them. This could mean Jeremiah would move out of state.

Hannah Wissmann Instagram
Hannah Wissmann Instagram

You can see one of the Wissmann family’s music videos here and check out their other videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, they haven’t posted many videos recently, but maybe they will in the future.

So, did you know that Hannah Wissmann’s family was so talented? What do you think of Jeremiah Duggar’s fiance so far? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to¬†TV Shows Ace.

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