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Elizabeth Corrigan Fires Back After Shanae Drama, Gets Bachelor Nation Support

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Elizabeth Corrigan isn’t going to sit and let Shanae Ankney get the best of her. Fans and Bachelor Nation alums were stunned when Shanae took the opportunity to slam Elizabeth for having ADHD. She even announced Elizabeth’s mental illness to the rest of the house. Now, Elizabeth fired back with a TikTok about mental illness.

Elizabeth Corrigan fired back at Shanae disrespecting her ADHD

US Weekly shared all the details about how Elizabeth fired back. The Colorado real estate advisor made a TikTok explaining how someone should treat others when finding out they have a mental illness. She pointed to five different points in the video. Elizabeth began with “Acknowledge what they shared.” The rest of her advice was, “Thank them for their vulnerability. Understand that you do not understand. NEVER weaponize it. BE A GOOD PERSON!!”

Shanae is definitely villain number two right behind Cassidy Timbrooks. She went to The Bachelor Clayton Echard telling him that Elizabeth is two-faced. Sadly, the only thing she based her opinion on is that Elizabeth seemingly ignored her at the pool.

Elizabeth Corrigan via Instagram

After her conversation with Clayton, he spoke with Elizabeth as well. Then, Elizabeth and Shanae had a conversation of their own. This is when Elizabeth revealed her ADHD diagnosis.

Elizabeth said, “It’s really hard for me to have multiple auditory inputs because I can’t process the information. I have ADHD. I’ve had it really bad since I was a kid. Like, I was probably just really trying to concentrate on what Ency was trying to say to me, and maybe you had said something in the middle of her saying something and I just, I can’t, like, hear it.”

The conversation later was brought up in the house and Shanae outed the ADHD diagnosis to the rest of the ladies. She said, “Fake, fake, fake. ADHD, my ass.”

She’s got Bachelor Nation support

Elizabeth went to Instagram to thank everyone for all the support she’s getting. She thanked three popular alums, particularly for their support. They are Kaitlyn Bristowe, Hannah Brown and Joe Amabile.

Hannah Brown actually shared that she and Adam have had the same conversation about having to focus on one conversation at a time. She shared she also has ADHD so she can relate. Adam called out Shanae in the video as well.

Fans also showered Elizabeth with support amid the feud.

What did you think of Shanae being so disrespectful to Elizabeth?

Don’t miss how it all plays out. The Bachelor airs again on January 24.


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