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Fans Go Wild Over Amy Halterman’s Latest Photo Dump

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Don’t we all love a good vacation? If you’ve been keeping up with 1000-Lb. Sisters, you’ve seen Amy Halterman and the rest of her siblings take a vacation to the great outdoors.

Even though the siblings are struggling to get Tammy to partake in the fun, it really seems like they had a good time overall. Amy recently added a photo dump on her Instagram page and fans are here for it. Be sure to click the link and catch up on all the fun!

Amy Halterman and her siblings had fun dressing up while on vacation

The next episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters airs on TLC on January 17. But if you have Discovery+, you might have already seen the new episode. The episode follows the Slaton siblings as they explore Tennessee. They all decided it would be fun to do an old-fashioned photo, complete with cowboy hats and saloon girl dresses.

However, Tammy is noticeably absent from the photos Amy Halterman posted. It appears that she couldn’t be bothered to join her siblings on this fun outing, which is really unfortunate. The rest of the gang seems like they’re having a great time.

Lol Gage is just the freaking cutest!😍” says one fan. 

The old timey photos are SO good!!! Love you all 🤍” adds another. 

A few fans noticed Tammy wasn’t in the photos and added that it was probably for the best.

“So glad you didn’t let Tammy ruin your day when you got these photos taken with family,” one viewer wrote.

Amy Halterman/YouTube

So what do you think about the photos Amy Halterman posted? Do you think the family had a better time without Tammy Slaton? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Fans are at the end of their rope with Tammy Slaton

When we last left the siblings, they just arrived in Tennessee after a long drive. Everyone was very tired and ready to go to bed, including Tammy. However, she wasn’t willing to try to walk up the cabin steps to go inside.

Amy Halterman and the rest of the siblings did their best to coax Tammy out of the van, but she wasn’t willing to budge. The Slaton sister instantly starts cursing at her brother and sisters as they try to get her to join them inside the cabin.

“Y’all need to leave me alone. I don’t care what I f—ing do tonight. … I really don’t feel good and I didn’t want to come,” Tammy shouts. “It’s not gonna change anything.”

Based on this interaction, it seems very feasible that Tammy was unwilling to join Amy and the crew when they went to take old-fashioned photos.

Keep checking back with us for the latest on 1000-Lb. Sisters! We’ll be here to keep you informed.

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  1. I know the family loves and cares for Tammy buy Tammy doesn’t love and care for herself nor does the family deserve the abuse she gives them. If Tammy doesn’t want to do things leave her alone. She says shes independent let her be independent and do things herself don’t answer her calls
    The family is playing into the poor me act.

    1. Tammy is the rudest, meanest,
      most hateful, disrespectful, selfish, vulgar foul mouth person I have ever seen. She is dependent on her siblings to get around, she is a burden to everyone yet respects no one. To pout and throw tantrums like a 5 year old is just crazy. If she wanted to sleep in the van all night they should have left her a** there. She acts as if her family are supposed to help her and do the things they do for her. She does not appreciate anything. She curses at the very ones that try to help her. Push her a** somewhere and leave her there and see how well she gets around. She would not be able to call me a bit** more than once always looking like a bull ready to charge. If they keep giving in to her disrespectful rants as she cusses them out, she will never learn humility and respect.

    2. Tammy is clearly very unhappy with herself and wants her family to cater to her plus thinks she can bully everyone around her. She’s just nasty and they should be left her home to fend for herself. Bitch!!!
      She’s not my fav for sure. She’s gonna die if she don’t soon get a grip. She’s now having tons of medical issues and only getting worst.

  2. Tammy is a spoiled, selfish, mean spirited person. The rest of the family should just move and leave her to fend for herself and see how quickly she changes

  3. Tammy doesn’t care about nothing but Tammy.she is very mean .and ungrateful.and her family members and who ever try to help her.there holding me down she says.other people’s fault she can’t lose just leave her alone and let her eat till she pops.make her do for herself.and she might realize.who out to help her.

    1. She’s pregnant what do you expect cause she’s not doing the diet she’s pregnant wake your brain up and think about your stupid statement

    2. In all fairness to Tammy, the mountains were not the right choice for an extremely overweight person. The added stress of the higher altitude puts a big burden on her heart and breathing! It is amazing she didn’t have a heart attack! I am 25 lbs overweight and I can’t do mountains! Did anyone even think about that?

  4. Amy I think you’re doing right by cutting the cord from your sister but one thing I’ve noticed you’re not doing your diet please get back on your diet I’m proud of you congratulations on the another baby but I wish you would have waited he told the doctor told you plainly 5 years girl you got to be careful with stuff like it’s very dangerous please don’t let Tammy ruin everything for you cut the cord tough love she’s going to keep doing it she don’t care

  5. Unfortunately Tammy does not want help. Tough love is needed. Let her take care of herself. She is abusive to the whole family.

    1. I agree with you she is very emotionally abusive and if she could move around I believe she would be physically abusive as well. The family needs to cut ties and let her do for her independent self so she claims. Maybe then she’ll realize how much she needs to change and do what it takes to be truly independent.

  6. They should have just left her alone since that’s what she wanted, and left her ass right in the vehicle, I bet when she had to go to the bathroom she would have wanted to get out and most of all if she wanted something to eat she really would of got out of the vehicle cause we know how much she likes to EAT. I would love to be the one taking care of her, she would get a reality check real quick.

  7. Tammy is about Tammy she only wants to do things she wants to do fun how she doesn’t feel good or hurting but when it come to going out to eat she’s right there I loved it when she told the doctor she couldn’t do video chat with the doctor because doesn’t have good cell service but she has no problems looking for men on there I think they need to get her off the show we all are enabling her by watching her stop watching then she doesn’t have extra money to buy food

  8. Poor Tammy!!! I’m bein sarcastic!!! Tammy is a lying manipulative lazy…mean…Tammy is just plain disgusting as a person…I can’t stand the way she treats Amy or the rest of the family.she should be put into a hospital type situation to lose weight…and don’t go get her early!!!!!!!

  9. Tammy needs to grow up and act like an adult. Her family is trying to help her but she is unwilling to help herself. there is only so much they can do and the rest is up to Tammy. Quit acting like a spoiled child, grow up and take charge of your life. I’m sure you get frustrated but you need to push past that and do what you need to for your health.

  10. I love watching the show but it is time for Tammy to go she is pure disgusting. Amy and the siblings have to realize that if she doesn’t care enough about her own life and the weight issue there is nothing more they can do for her. Tammy knows what can happen to her and the family I know it would be very hard on them to lose her but it will be Tammy’s fault. They cannot go on living their lives around her at all. Chris and Amy are doing everything to get healthy and other members as well and I am so Proud of them all and they should be proud of their selves. Amy is trying so hard to be a good Wife and Mother and needs to get back on her diet now and continue the weight loss. Her and Mike need to move away from Tammy as well and have a life alone. I realize all Love Tammy but Tammy has to Love herself and do for herself including the weight loss just like you guys did. Stop babying her and let her grow up that’s why she is so mean and hateful to you all it to get her way with you guys she plays on you. Please take her off the show!!!!! We will be happy watching Amy,Chris,Mike,Baby,and the others.

  11. Tammy should be banned from the series, all she does is whine and bitch about anything for attention. Chris is the only one that’ll put her in her place and you don’t hear her cussing at him so much as she does the sisters. Amy should back off, leave her the hell alone and see how she can “take care of herself” all BY herself!!

  12. Tammy should be taken off the show. She is not only too disgusting to look at, but she is also disgusting to listen to.,she had such a nasty mouth, like a sailor. I wish she was not on the show. I love watching the rest of the family, especially Chris snd his wife. They are so nice. But really. TLC SHOULD TAKE TAMMY off the show she is ruining it with her fat ass and nasty mouth.

  13. To Renee Lawremore, I agree about the mountain air being hard on the lungs, but she was all set to go knowing where they were going, then has to show out for attention, as usual. They should just let her be!!

  14. If you want to know what abuse is, watch and listen to Tammy. She abuses her body and she is so verbally abusive to her family . I cannot believe how her family tolerates her behavior and her cursing at them. They get her a power wheelchair and she thinks they got it for them because they don’t want to push her around. She couldn’t appreciate them for thinking of her independence. And that scene she made while out eating??? I hope there were no children in the area to hear her foul mouth. She doesn’t deserve her family. No one would blame them if they disowned her. They have done all they can.

  15. It’s so easy to judge others. Although her behavior needs a lot of work, how would you like being pounded by your family every day. There’s no real conversation. She has learned some awful coping skills, by hurting herself and her family. She needs some mental health counseling and be put on meds to help even out. Even going back to rehab is a major step in the right direction. At this point, she will doing anything to get attention besides her family, like online dating and the BBC? She even goes back to the guy she has the restraining order against, plus more. Now alcohol is in the picture?

    By writing these negative comments, knowing she may read them, is harsh. There’s only one person who has the power to judge people.

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