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‘Yellowstone 1883’ What Surprises Are In Store For Elsa & Alina Fans?


1883 is the prequel to the hit Western melodrama Yellowstone and it tells the origin story of the Dutton family. Not the origin to John, Kayce, Jamie or Beth Dutton. No, this story goes all the way back to the Oregon trail days in order to tell the story of the original Dutton clan and how the family ended up settling in Montana in the 19th century.

Alina star Amanda Jaros has spoken exclusively to about what is in store.

The first-generation Duttons are fleeing a poverty-stricken life in Texas in order to seek a better future “out west.” Traveling with them are immigrants who came to America specifically because of the freedom it afforded them back in that era.  Included in that group of immigrants is Alina, who is played by Amanda Jaros.

Jaros recently spoke to about her role on the Yellowstone spinoff and what viewers should expect to see as the premiere season of 1883 rolls along.

Alina And Elsa In 1883

It’s become rather obvious that Alina is going to play a pretty big part in how Elsa and the rest of the Dutton clan get to know this new part of the country, as well as themselves.

“Without getting too specific, Alina is one of the Eastern European immigrants that helps Elsa transition into becoming more like a cowboy,” Jaros told the publication. “She might very well be the wittiest immigrant on the wagon train. There are definitely some more surprises in store for her as everyone’s journey unfolds.”

1883 Elina Elsa
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Jaros, an actress, and writer from Los Angeles said she was thrilled to have been a part of such a successful franchise.

“It’s absolutely wonderful that fans have been so excited about 1883,” she said. “Audiences have been craving a raw, period piece Western and Taylor Sheridan certainly delivers (per usual).”

Understanding The Differences In The Two Shows

“As the Yellowstone origin story,” Jaros continued. “I understand why people compare this prequel to its contemporary counterpart.”

However, the actress who plays Alina thinks the spinoff stands out on its own.

“The beautiful thing about both shows is that they highlight western cultures in different eras and illustrate how people,” the actress added.  “Whether friends, family or foes, can either help or hurt one another amidst their circumstances.”

Jaros added that she’s always wanted to work on a project set in the Old West. She’s finally gotten her wish.

There is one question that stands out. Yellowstone spinoff 1883 isn’t afraid to bring death early and often. The show seems to know that’s the point. One has to wonder if Alina might be in death’s path at some point.

After all, while the immigrant girl has played a big part so far, she’s not a Dutton. That could be a death sentence on the Yellowstone spinoff as 1883 continues on in Elsa’s voice.

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