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‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Promo Shocks Fans: Where’s Farrah?

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The Teen Mom Family Reunion premieres tonight and the promo has MTV fans shocked. One major cast member is missing from the promo photo. Where the heck is Farrah Abraham?

Teen Mom Family Reunion: Where Is Farrah Abraham?

The Teen Mom Family Reunion is a franchise special involving several OG cast members coming together for a fun and chaotic vacation. Farrah Abraham was confirmed to have participated in this reunion. According to The Sun, the rest of the Teen Mom cast had no idea Farrah would be partaking in the reunion. This picture production painted of Farrah being an outsider by keeping her a secret from the rest of the cast apparently also included her not participating in the photoshoot for promo pictures.

With Teen Mom Family Reunion premiering tonight, several of the cast members have shared the promo photo on their Instagram profiles. Fans of Teen Mom were quick to take notice of Abraham being missing from the promo image. Fans were baffled and demanded answers. Where was Farrah Abraham?

While many thought it was frustrating she wasn’t in the photo, not everyone felt that way. A few noted it was rather humorous they left Farrah out of the cast picture even though she was featured in the show.

While Farrah was not a part of the promotion photos, she has done her part to promote the spin-off on her social media profiles.

What To Expect

According to The Sun, Farrah Abraham actually accused her co-stars of attacking her while filming the reunion spin-off. Speaking to TMZ about appearing on this MTV special, Farrah admitted that drama and chaos should be expected to follow her onto the show.

I think I could walk through the door and dramas going to happen, sadly. I just warn others to keep their hands to themselves. Do not sneak attack a woman and do not gang up on a woman because I don’t handle that too well.”

The Teen Mom Family Reunion promises an explosive feud between Cheyenne Floyd and Farrah. Several trailer teasers have teased little snippets of this explosive feud.

Farrah Abraham

Was leaving Farrah Abraham out of the promotional photos for Teen Mom Family Reunion intentional? Or, was it possible Farrah just missed the photoshoot for personal reasons? Will you be watching the Teen Mom spin-off tonight? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest MTV news.

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