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Cassidy Timbrooks Drags ‘Bachelor’ Clayton Echard After ‘Side Piece’ Drama

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Villains gonna vill as fans saw Monday night on The Bachelor. Cassidy Timbrooks emerged as villain number one on Clayton Echard’s season of the show. She wasn’t shy about swooping in and stealing time and kisses from Clayton during the first group date of the season. She even snagged the first group date rose. However, she made a mistake confiding in another contestant about a past incident. Now, that it’s coming to light, Cassidy is slamming Clayton on social media. Keep reading to find out what went down.

Cassidy Timbrooks stirs the pot

Reality Steve shared a series of tweets Monday night about villain Cassidy Timbrooks. Fans saw her trying to make herself the front runner on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. She threw herself at him, making out with him a few times throughout the group date. Clayton seemed to like it and said her confidence was wonderful. So much so she got the group date rose.

Cassidy is definitely not making friends in the house. She messed up even more when she told Sierra that she had been Facetiming a guy in her hotel before their phones were taken away. She admitted to sleeping with him from time to time and also did so before leaving for the show. Cassidy also noted he was talking about hooking up once she returned from filming.

Sierra didn’t like what she was hearing and gave Clayton a head’s up. He was not happy. In fact, he was seen asking Jesse Palmer if anyone had taken a rose back on the show before.

Cassidy Timbrooks via Instagram

She slams all men online

Many times fans think that perhaps editing can make someone look worse than they really are. Fans saw this with Thomas Jacobs on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. However, Cassidy is proving off-camera that she is exactly who they showed on television.

Reality Steve shared two very telling videos of Cassidy she had posted online. She quickly deleted the videos but not before someone downloaded them and sent them to Steve.

The first video was filmed on New Year’s Eve just before The Bachelor was set to premiere on January 3. She said, “I love getting ready for dates nowadays because it’s literally just me in the mirror, like, ‘Wait a second, if this man should be so f—king lucky.’ And then I remember that wait a second, even though I’m about to be on national television, men still treat me like s—t, but that’s OK, that’s all right, because it is not for long, not for f—king long.”

She continued, “Anyways, I think I’m gonna be a great influencer. I feel like I’m really entertaining — you’re entertained, right? You buy anything I’m selling you, right? Even if it’s complete bulls—t? I think so. Don’t answer that. It’s yes. I mean, it’s pretty obvious.”

Wow! Cassidy didn’t stop there. She continued on saying, “Men are trash. You know, the more I think about it, perhaps I was being a little bit hasty when I said, ‘All men are trash.’ I mean, all men aren’t trash — just, no, all men are trash. I said what the f—k I said. Goodnight.”

Cassidy also dragged Clayton online

As if the New Year’s Eve video wasn’t enough, Cassidy posted another video that Steve was able to obtain. It also shows her being very much the villain and enjoying it. Plus she seemingly spoiled her time on The Bachelor by doing so.

Cassidy said, “I realize that I am normally being dramatic, but you were gonna give [Salley Carson] a rose even though she was engaged last week. Meanwhile, I f—ked someone a few months ago and I got sent home. OK, no, it’s cool. No, I get it. I get it.” She continued,  “I get what we’re made of here. I get the stuff that’s happening and go f—k yourself Clayton Echard.”

Fans haven’t seen Cassidy get the boot yet on the show. The episode ended with Clayton’s conversation with Jesse about taking a rose back. It will be continued on the next episode of The Bachelor. 

Even if fans get to see Cassidy take a hike, there’s another villain right on her heels. Shanae is also not liked in the house and is taking Cassidy’s advice to be confident and go get Clayton.

You won’t want to miss this drama playout.

Don’t miss The Bachelor Monday nights on ABC.


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