‘Botched’ Is Back, Featuring Emotional Consults Over Bad Boobs, Knees, Noses and Heels


Botched on E! is back, and this season, one consult is so alarming that Dr. Terry Dubrow breaks down in tears and has to leave the consulting conference room.

This season the doctors get a wide range of terrible outcomes for poor people who have many complications. One woman has no top lip, one has a knee cap that was savaged, another has a strange ball sack on her heel, and several transgender patients have all sorts of medical issues from cheap surgeries gone wrong.

Despite all the heartache and drama, the two doctors, Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow manage to kid with each other and use humor to break up the tension of dealing with people grieving the loss of their looks.

TV Shows Ace got the preview teaser of the new season, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

The new season with Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif of Botched!

Botched is back on E! and the patients have severe disfigurements. Pic credit: E!

In the trailer below, one patient says: “My identity was taken from me,” as she has no visible top lip, likely from injection site ingestion or a mauling.

One woman’s knee is hacked up and not functioning correctly, and she says: “I am tired of people looking at my knee.”

Dr. Dubrow cries and has to step out of the room for a moment when reviewing a patient’s history. “I haven’t seen that before — ever,” Dr. Nassif says.

In the clip, Dr. Dubrow says: “We are pushing the envelope today, but there’s no other choice.” He is in surgery and notes time is his enemy. “You only have about two hours, or you can actually kill the leg.”

Dr. Nassif is the resident nose man, and he is filmed as he is operating on a patient, saying her nose is a “bloody mess.” He says it is a “massive reconstruction,” and it’s “almost like a small bomb went off on the side of the nose.”

Botched surgeries are more common than you think

The work this season is a challenge for the two medics. And not only are average people electing bad surgery, but the famous people have brushes with malpractice too.

Some notable people are in the news for “Botched” surgeries, including Trevor Noah, who filed a suit in 2020 against a New York Hospital and an orthopedic surgeon. His surgery procedure is still not disclosed.

Also, Princess Charlene of Monaco is said to ‘be hiding” after botched plastic surgery.

Australian socialite Anthony Hess went public with his botched abdominal surgery, traveling to Colombia to get help after his doctor was made to surrender his medical license.

Have a look at the new season here:


“Botched” returns Tuesday, January 25 at 9:00 pm ET/PT on E!.

April Neale

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