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‘The Bachelor’ 2022: Get To Know Contestant Teddi Wright

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Teddi Wright made a big impact on The Bachelor Clayton Echard during night one. So much so that she was given the first impression rose and the first kiss. Heading into week 2 let’s take a closer look at who Teddi is. Keep reading to find out more.

Get to know Teddi Wright

First of all, the 24-year-old beauty is a registered nurse. Teddi Wright passed her NCLEX exam and became a registered nurse in February 2020. She currently works as a surgical unit nurse in Highland, California.

Teddi has a close-knit family and is very close to her sister Kayla Jo. Her sister is already married and expecting baby number two.

She was raised in a strict Christian household. However, her ABC bio says she lives by her own rules and refuses to settle.

Teddi’s ABC bio also says that “she is beautiful, smart and a total hopeless romantic who is ready to find her soul’s counterpart.” Her bio goes on to say she is all about that “instant connection and is looking for someone who won’t be intimidated when she asks hard-hitting questions on the first date. While she is all about forming deep connections, Teddi also wants a man who can have fun with her and who won’t be afraid to join her for a late-night skinny dip!”

She’s ready to find real love and wants to be with someone who truly deserves her heart.

Plus, Teddi loves a good pasta dish and shares she could eat it every meal. It was also revealed one of her childhood fears was ladybugs.

She’s a virgin

Teddi has also revealed that she is a virgin. However, for her, it’s a little different. She recently appeared on Click Bait and shared her reasoning for remaining a virgin. Teddi said, “During college, I thought that maybe I would wait until marriage. I grew up in a very Christian household and I’m still Christian. The college that I went to was Christian and I think after I graduated, I looked back at my values and beliefs and my virginity was one I always went back to.” She continued, “I wondered if I was actually doing it because it was bettering myself or if because there is a lot of shame associated with women having s*x and it changing their identity as a person. For me, it was more connected to not wanting to take away from my identity and that wasn’t a good enough reason for me.”

So, Teddi is not about waiting until marriage to be intimate with someone. She just wants to wait until she’s really in love. She also revealed that she doesn’t play games and lets her dates know fairly early on that she is a virgin.  Teddi also said she is a sexual person and all women should be proud of that.  Will Clayton be that special guy for her?

Her connection with Clayton Echard

Teddi formed a pretty strong connection with Clayton on night one. She says she put a lot on that first impression. Teddi wants to feel a spark when she meets someone. Much to her delight, Teddi said she felt instantly comfortable with Clayton. He felt the same way telling her that there was something about her.

Both Teddi and Clayton appeared completely at ease with one another. She revealed that after they had a chance to talk one on one she felt like she’d get a rose and be asked to stay. However, she didn’t see herself getting the first impression rose.

What did you think of Teddi on night one? Do you think she’s a front-runner so far?

Stay tuned for more updates.



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