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Tammy Slaton Dumped On Michael Halterman By Her Siblings

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Vacation may have been a little less enjoyable for Michael Halterman after Tammy Slaton was dumped on him by her siblings. Over Tammy and her drama, none of her siblings were willing to drive her back home after arriving at the cabin and she refused to set foot inside. After some back-and-forth conversation, the family decided to take Tammy to a hotel with handicap accessibility. Then, they dumped Tammy Slaton on Michael Halterman for the night.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters

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Amy Halterman was ready to abandon her sister

Amy Halterman has been doing the bulk of the work taking care of her sister Tammy for a while now. Despite what her other siblings said during the discussion, she maintains they have no idea how difficult Tammy can be. Amy tells the camera she’s more than willing to just leave her sister in the van all night if she’s too stubborn to get up and come inside the cabin. Perhaps a night in the van and Tammy would be ready to entertain the cabin the next day.

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After some heated discussion, the siblings decide taking Tammy to a hotel nearby makes the most sense. Ultimately, no one wants to drive. So, they ask Amy’s husband Michael if he minds taking Tammy on an 11-mile drive to the hotel. Michael Halterman shrugs the idea off saying he has no problem doing it. His wife Amy, however, was a bit more frustrated. Speaking directly to the cameras, she says “of course” they dump Tammy off on her and her husband. It, however, appeared as if Amy Halterman stayed at the cabin with Gage while Michael transported Tammy to the hotel room alone.

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Tammy Slaton hunkers down in hotel room

Tammy doubles down on not having any interest in this family vacation. She’s ready to stay in the hotel room. And, she just wants to go home. None of her siblings are willing to take her home. They reach out to a family friend who would be happy to come and get her. But, they cannot come immediately and Tammy would be staying at the hotel until the vacation is almost over. Chris Combs tells her she would only be leaving a day early.

Tammy Slaton questions why she can’t go home now. And, her family responds by telling her they have no way of getting her there.

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1000-Lb. Sisters fans hate the way Michael is treated

Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters really hate the way Michael Halterman gets treated. They think he is a rockstar for helping his wife Amy take care of her sister Tammy Slaton without arguing even a little. But, fans feel like he gets overlooked and taken advantage of. Fans also believe Michael’s back has to be killing him pushing Tammy around in that wheelchair all of the time.

Do you think it was wrong the way the family dumped Tammy Slaton on Michael during the vacation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest 1000-Lb. Sisters news.

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1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3, Episode 9 airs tonight only on TLC. Fans with a Discovery+ account can watch the episode early as it drops into the streaming library the morning of the day it airs. Previous episodes of the TLC series are also available via Discovery+.

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  1. That family isn’t worth a crap. Why couldn’t one of them get stuck with Tammy. They all leave it up Amy and Micheal. The rest of the family shouldn’t call Amy out on anything. There fat asses don’t do nothing but eat and bitch. Amy and Micheal need to move on with there little family and leave it up to one of the other family to talk care of Tammy or put Tammy in a home to take care of her. Let Micheal and Amy move on with there child. Tammy needs to get off her ass and take care of herself.

    1. Yes Tammy needs to help herself she dont wanna move to try and help. Wants them to push her and has electric wheelchair . Complains about everything.

  2. I can call Tammy fat because I am fat. I am 461 lb yet I am a little healthier then Tammy is. I travel with my family. I drove 6 hours from Maryland to North Carolina without a hitch. Tammy really frustrated when she was sitting in the van. If she was my sister she would have stayed in that van all night long. I declare I would not have went to talk to her at all. They give Tammy to much leeway. When she wants to act like a baby let her.

  3. Seems like Tammy don’t care! She attempts NOTHING but eating! I would just let her go if she were my sister after doing all that you have done for her with no appreciation AT ALL in return! And her yelling at me, ohhhh noooooo! Leave the room, or drop her at roadside! She’ll think about doing that again! Put her back in rehab and change your phone numbers! The girl needs serious help!!!!!!

  4. Michael’s cool. So easy going! Even Tammy take advantage of him. Why wouldn’t she go for an electric wheel chair?

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