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Is Christine Brown Rolling In The Dough?

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Since Christine Brown left Kody in Flagstaff, her life seems to be dramatically different. She is no longer covering up her body like she once did and she is smiling so much more. The former third wife has truly finally found her happiness and it shows. Earlier today, the mom of six showed off a fun and glam new look on Instagram. She proceeded to compare herself to a well-known television character. Is she playing dress up or is there some truth to said comparison?

Leaving The Old Christine Brown Behind

There was a lot Christine had been hiding during the early seasons of Sister Wives. Though she was a happy little homemaker for the main three wives, this was not her dream scenario. Her biggest bone of contention was being a basement wife. No one in a plural family ever wanted to be considered that. When Kody gave a tour of his polygamist home when the series premiered in 2010, he demonstrated how his original three wives had their own spaces.

Meri and her daughter, Mariah had one corner of the home. His second wife, Janelle, and her six kids had another corner while Christine and her six had the bottom level. It was revealed much later that was actually considered the basement. Kody had the bright idea to build a single home for his now four wives when they bought the Coyote Pass land in Flagstaff. The wives had lived on their own for so long once they fled from Utah to Nevada, one home seemed so uncomfortable.

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Christine was especially against it as it brought back memories of being the basement wife. She had begun to like her freedom and Flagstaff really made her assert her freedom away from Kody. Furthermore, she was heavily getting into business. Though she obtained her real estate license in Vegas, she never did much with it. Now, she was flourishing with MLM work like LulaRoe and eventually Plexus, seeing the true benefits of making her own money. It also enabled her to leave Kody after twenty-seven years when the marriage was a bust.

Successful and Free?

Christine Brown has made no secret that she is living her best life in Utah. This was where she longed to be for a handful of years. It is where her two eldest children reside as well as her granddaughter, Avalon. Upon moving there, she purchased a 1.1 million dollar duplex. How does one earn that kind of money when they have left their husband? She still was a key wife on the show and is successful enough with her MLM’s to need an employee, as Kody pointed out.

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In an Instagram post, Christine posed with sunglasses on and a super chill vibe. She joked she was channeling David from the hit show Schitt’s Creek. He’s known as a spoiled adult child of Moira and Johnny yet Christine has never appeared to be of the spoiled kind. One follower commented this and it pretty much sums it up: “If unbothered was a person! Love to see it Christine.”

Has she finally realized her true worth both inside and net? You be the judge and let us know in the comments. Don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.

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  1. I think Christine is finally free to be the best person she was meant to be. Kody is mad she’s gone not because he’ll miss her, but her earning ability he won’t be using. He’s a lazy son of a gun. A real POS. She needs to press on! And best wishes to her!

  2. Christine, you go girl! Be productive and be happy with your kids and grandchild. I bet Kody misses your income. You and your kids deserve so much better in life than a long haired freak who thinks he knows it all.

  3. Hi Christine, I have “gotten” you grime day one. They used you. All of them. Robyn said on one of the episodes that she wanted to have a baby, but not if she didn’t have a husband around to hold it!!!! Nannies aren’t enough?

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