Below Deck Captain Lee Calls Out Rayna's Contradicting Behavior [Screenshot | YouTube]

‘Below Deck’ Captain Lee Calls Out Rayna’s Contradicting Behavior

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Below Deck star Captain Lee Rosbach spoke out about the n-word controversy. In a previous episode, chief stew Heather Chase said the racial slur more than once. During those times, she said it while in the presence of deckhand Rayna Lindsey. Heather has since apologized on social media and on the show.

However, it took her some time. At first, she denied saying the n-word. Then, she broke down and cried after she realized it happened. Lee recently took to his blog to share his thoughts. He also revealed whose side he’s on amid the ongoing drama.

Captain Lee says Heather Chase’s apology was “sincere”

In last week’s episode of Below Deck, Heather apologized to Rayna for saying the n-word. The two had a heart-to-heart conversation. Rayna even told Heather that she accepted her apology. At the time, it seemed like they were on the same page. Rayna and Heather hugged, making it seem like they were on better terms.

Things changed later on in the episode. Rayna told stew Fraser Olender that she did not accept Heather’s apology. She feels that the chief stew should’ve apologized to her sooner. The reality star said that she didn’t find Heather’s apology sincere. In fact, she still finds her apology “fake as hell.”

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Heather felt like they turned a new page. She was grateful that Rayna accepted her apology. Captain Lee took to his weekly blog to share his thoughts on the previous episode. He sided with Heather during the drama.

“Heather, your apology to Rayna seemed sincere. You learned the hard way words like those have no place on a yacht or anywhere else for that matter,” Lee wrote. “I hope you take the opportunity to do better in the future.”

Lee agreed that the n-word should not be uttered, especially in the workplace. He hopes that Heather will learn from her mistakes and improve. Lee also used the opportunity to call out Rayna for her contradicting behavior. She admitted on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that she was contradictory because she didn’t want to cause a scene on the show.

Below Deck star calls out Rayna Lindsey

Lee had some stern words for Rayna. At first, he slammed her for sleeping overtime, which was shown in that super-sized episode. He also didn’t understand why Rayna said she accepted Heather’s apology when she later admitted she didn’t. However, Lee said he empathized with Rayna’s feelings.

“Rayna, you were rightfully offended. I don’t condone that term in any situation, and no-one should ever feel discriminated against where they work,” Lee continued. “But you seemed to accept Heather’s apology to her face, then spoke to other people about it behind her back.”

Below Deck Heather's Apology Is Fake Says Rayna [Screenshot | Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Screenshot | Bravo TV/YouTube]
The yacht captain didn’t understand why no one brought it up to him. Lee would’ve nipped the situation in the bud. Rayna has teased that Season 9 will end abruptly. However, she didn’t reveal how. She is not happy with the way that her fellow cast members and producers handled the situation.

Meanwhile, Eddie Lucas placed the blame on producers. He claims that he tried to get Heather fired. Fans are also calling for her firing. Below Deck Season 9 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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  1. I’m glad you called out Rayna on her hypocrisy! But we need to address the elephant in the room and that’s Rayna’s racism. It’s a serious double standard and if the comments were being read you would know that most of the fans are mad at Rayna, not so much Heather. She paid dearly for simply singing.and repeating Rayna, whereas Rayna has been horrible directly to people on the boat with her name calling and racist remarks.

    1. Nobody understands whose fault this really is. It’s Captain Lee’s fault because he has a thing for Rachel, brushing her hair back from her face and she sitting talking to him with her skirt up. He likes her and that’s why he didn’t address the situation with her. Just because Rayna said the N word black people say it to each other all the time which we shouldn’t but it’s totally different when a white person uses it. Captain Lee should be fired with his cursing and nasty attitude. Eddie should be fired because now all of a sudden he feels bad about the situation but felt nothing when Rayna first told him. White privilege at its best😖

      1. How many apologies does it take before someone with a huge chip on their shoulder accepts it? Answer: never enough. Rayna seems to relish the drama and use it as an excuse to not do her job and have a bad attitude. If it wasn’t Heather it would have been something else. Enough of the eye-rolling. Rayna needed to go,not Heather. She was the one who racially profiled Wes, for which she didn’t apologize once.

      2. So it’s fine when Rayna said the words white privilege when Jake was talking about previous experience of anothe yatch of hooking up with another crew member. What’s white privilege got to with that? Double standard!

    2. how someone can keep that chip on her shoulders over heather horrid remark, that was not made directly to rayna………………….yet……………… the finale show rayna calls heather a ;ho: and this is not addressed???
      but since rayna brought the word up /she acted like a HO the entire season with mustache idiot who did nothing but use her for his own and will not remember her tomorrow…………she was just an easy piece of ass…………and she made her self look so desparate with wanting his dick………………tsk tsk tsk

    3. I’m a little late to the party but I was actually put off by Rayna early on by her behavior. She was so loose with the white guys and told Wes he had no chance with her as she only did light skins (white?). She then complained about the race problems saying the US was so racist and relating a story where she was beaten up in an elevator by several white guys for no reason. Sorry but this is so confusing,she prefers dating the same type of guy!? When she didn’t get the reaction she wanted from Eddie about the Heather issue she should have taken it to Capt Lee instead of constantly stirring the pot.The whole thing was taken out of context,Heather should have known better than to repeat the N word but it wasn’t malicious just Ill advised the incident could have been handled better instead of left to simmer and be sensationalized. I was more put out by Rayna’s behavior and the way she attacked Wes regarding his “blackness”.

  2. No the fans do not want Heather fired! Heather apologized to Rayna many times and the apology seem genuine. Rayna seemed to accept it from Heather and then turned around and talked about her behind her back. Most fans would rather see Rayna and her bad attitude and lack of work ethic fired!

  3. I agree with all but, nobody meantioned the fact that Rayna said on video that she believes that all yacht owners in Alaska are racist. all depends on who said what.right?

    1. Those supposedly “racist” white yacht owners gave Rayna an opportunity. Was she the most qualified deck hand? I’ll leave it at that.

  4. Definitely am disappointed in Rayna’s behaviour more than Heather’s unfortunate use of the n word. Did seem apology sincere and that it was accepted, yet later inappropriately dismissed. Also Captain Lee complimented Rayna in yesterday’s episode and that also was unfairly dismissed…

    1. So… Why aren’t you calling out Raynas rasisim towards Wes? Then she totally demised his feelings the next day and further added to the rascism. Why are people happy to call out the white persons rascism but not the black persons?

    2. I agree with you! The one thing that no one made any comments is even before the n word, Reyna was already calling her names, at times heard by the guests, her behavior towards Jake screaming at him to the point that guest heard it, her comments about white peoples, calling her teammates not black!

  5. Rayna is a drama queen. If SHE hadn’t first used the word, this wouldn’t have happened. I am also a minority, but don’t use racial slurs to “reclaim” them. That’s bullshit! It was like she was trying to trap Heather when she was drunk! She is also accepted the apology then turned around and bad mouthed heather! What the f!!
    If black people don’t want others to use racially insensitive words, don’t use them, don’t have lyrics with them! End of story.
    This was a teachable moment and it ended up with people thinking they need to walk on eggshells around blacks, myself included,,, a minority (visible) myself!

      1. Hmm, name. callin,g and it is “you’re a turncoat”, stupid. I am not, sure what their position on the
        Revolutionary War had to do with anything, stupid. I threw some extra commas in there for you in incorrect places as well so you would understand it, stupid.

  6. I think all the people here are forgetting that, NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE has the right to tell anyone how to respond to being insulted, hurt, belittled nor demeaned. YOU DO NOT GET THE RIGHT TO TELL RAYNA HOW SHE SHOULD RESPOND OR NOT. GET SOME HELP, YOU PSYCHOS. YOU DON’T GET TO TELL YOUR VICTIM (WITH THREATS MIND YOU) THAT THEY BETTER ACCEPT YOUR APOLOGY AND THEN PROCEED TO CALL RAYNA RAYCIST FOR NOT ACCEPTING YOUR STUPID APOLOGY. She never have to accept anyones apolgy if she doesnt want to. She can change her mind. That is a human right. But You people are dehumanizing her and refuse her that human right. YOU do not have the right to then FASLEY accuse someone of being racist, after behaving racist and demeaning someone. Raynaa is not racist for HOWEVEr she CHOOSES to responds to any demeaning remarks made about her. I hope she sue all of you for defamatio. and she legally can. Keep talking and being dehumanizng, rejecting her human right to chose how she responds to any insults.

      1. NOT! Michelle Moore and Neutraliser Janine you are both so wrong in so many ways…..but we all apprciate the good laugh. You both do deserve awards for playing the victim so well. Poor gals… Just like Rayna.. you can call a white man the N word but then get mad when a drunk girl drunkenly repeats you…then have the audacity (look it up) to say your “soul is crushed” by hearing that word. Then STOP saying it yourself… and having an unsubstantiated negative belief about any race (black or white) is racism. You will never cure racism with more racism.

    1. So… Why aren’t you calling out Raynas rasisim towards Wes? Then she totally demised his feelings the next day and further added to the rascism. Why are people happy to call out the white persons rascism but not the black persons?

    2. NOT! Michelle Moore and Neutraliser Janine you are both so wrong in so many ways…..but we all apprciate the good laugh. You both do deserve awards for playing the victim so well. Poor gals… Just like Rayna.. you can call a white man the N word but then get mad when a drunk girl drunkenly repeats you…then have the audacity (look it up) to say your “soul is crushed” by hearing that word. Then STOP saying it yourself… and having an unsubstantiated negative belief about any race (black or white) is racism. You will never cure racism with more racism.

    3. “You people”?! WTF
      Rayna is a manipulative loser no matter what colour she is. 🙄 She was racist from the beginning, lazy, and used this as an excuse for her lack of work ethics. Disgusting
      BTW you can’t sue for defamation of character or libel and slander… 🤣what a joke.

    4. Sorry, don’t agree with you. Rayna can’t call someone a racist when she makes racist comments towards others. That’s known as a double standard. Where was her apology to Wes? She’s immature and appears to have some major issues with anger and trust.

  7. Perhaps production staff at Bravo and yachting industry should go through discrimination/sensitivity training or what lots of workplaces REQUIRE on a regular basis. Ppl would learn why Rayna’s feelings and behavior are inconsistent as she processes her feelings and dissatisfaction over time with the “resolution” or lack thereof. Heather and management need to learn accountability and responsibility for what happened and immediate action by management that is not Rayna’s to decide once she reported it. Big fail all around. Shame on Bravo too. They fired others for racist remarks, post, etc.

  8. Reyna likes that race card! She gets to use it every time she gets caught not doing her job, or mumbling under her breath. What about all the comments about “WHITE PEOPLE”, no one seems to be bothered by that. She is useless, two-faced, lazy and a hypocrite. Why can Reyna sing the song snd Heather can’t? Ugh. I’m so tired of eggshells.

  9. Rayna should’ve been fired the second she said “White folks be crazy as hell”.

    To Below Deck producers: going forward everyone is better off if you just don’t hire ANY blacks. They’re way too much trouble.

  10. Reyna has a HUGE chip on her shoulder. She should have accepted Heathers’ apology and let it go. But she whined and complained to everyone over and over and over. It almost made me erase the Season 9 episodes. Heather let all of the disrespect, rudeness and ‘Bitch’ name calling Rayna did. Rayna should grow up. I hope Rayna is never on another season.

  11. Reyna has a HUGE chip on her shoulder. She should have accepted Heathers’ apology and let it go. But she whined and complained to everyone over and over and over. It almost made me erase the Season 9 episodes. Heather let all of the disrespect, rudeness and ‘Bitch’ name calling Rayna did. Rayna should grow up. I hope Rayna is never on another season.

    1. Rayna is a walking, talking contradiction. She has an Instagram channel teaching people about sobriety yet she promotes getting high on marijuana, constantly makes racist comments directed at white people yet cries when someone uses the “N” word as part of a lyric – feels bad and apologizes, where was her apology to Wes? Talks about racist yacht owners yet she was given an opportunity over others I’m sure where far more qualified yet she doesn’t appreciate the opportunity and squanders the opportunity by fulfilling the trope of a lazy, angry black woman – way to go! Great role model!

  12. Rayna is such an embarrassment. Her poor attitude and typical lazy work ethic makes her fit the stereotype. She has been raised to think she’s a victim. Just sad.

  13. LOL! 😀 The difference between ME, and you –> Dianne, Gene Connor, Auntie Pretty, RV, Sik of freeloaders and John Parker is that I am legally right. You are throwing a tantrum and defaming her character just because she changed her mind and have conflicting feelings about accepting an apology that was NOT geniune. if Heather’s apology was geniunine, you and “The Heathers” (an actual movie about obsessive jealous stalkerish behavior) wouldn’t be throwing a tantrum about your insincere apology not being accepted. So kick rocks. People only watch Below Deck because of Rayna and that is why you are here and posting… because of Rayna.

    1. I’m pretty sure you’re the only one with a tantrum/problem here. No, you can’t sue internationally. How do you know the apology was ” insincere”? Are you Heather? Are you a mind reader? Doubtful. Just like noone knows what Rayna was really feeling because we’re not mind-readers. People with eyes can just look at her behaviour and it’s been disgusting since the beginning. I hope to be sued by pathetic Rayna for saying the truth🤣 lmao I’d get to say it to her face not behind her back like she does to everyone else🙄

    2. You aren’t correct either Neutralised Janine. Both sides have valid points and both are NOT fully in the right. Let’s go through this and deal with the facts. They were both pretty plastered the evening this happened, not that this is an excuse because there is no excuse as Captain Lee has remarked for anyone to have to deal with racism in the workplace or anywhere else for that matter. Let’s stage the moments and break it down step by step.

      They were walking to the bathroom and Rayna in a drunken manner uses the N word in a way that wasn’t in a positive way towards another person and an equally drunken Heather very quickly and stupidly repeats it. That was the first instance. Once they get back to the boat the are seated at the table in the galley where Heather and Jake are rapping and it’s spit out again to which Rayna points it out saying it’s cancel culture and that she likes her but she can’t be saying that because you know how people are its 2021 not 2002.Heather is taken aback saying she really doesn’t think she said it to which Rayna then informs her she said it on the way to the bathroom. Ratna then says that it’s okay she still loves her and that she just wants her to be careful. Heather then says that she respects that and says “I got you” to which Rayna responds the same. Heather then gets up trying to think because she try didn’t remember her saying that. When Rayna brought it up during the rap Jake who’s equally as drunk and was singing along with the rap also didn’t realize it was rapped. Heather was taken a back that even upon return to her cabin she mentioned it to Jess trying to remember.

      Now, I really don’t care what race you are, even if they are from the same heritage you shouldn’t use the N word in a derogatory manner to anyone period the word in general is horrible. Rayna used it first and was out of line using it toward another person. It shouldn’t be anyone’s vocabulary regardless of race, colour or creed. So let’s be fair, you can’t say one person can use it and another can’t, neither should period. Fairly both are wrong here period. People saying Captain Lee & Bravo should of stepped in need to also consider that these people are adults and should know better. As for Captain Lee he was unaware until the very end that there was an unresolved issue and what about. He clearly states he wishes they would have come to him because he would of stopped it dead in its tracks and based on what I’ve seen of him and know I believe him 100% on that matter. Sadly, Bravo knew it was drama and that gets ratings so they let it ride which was wrong but in the least both Rayna and Heather should have been fired immediately once filming ceased with a statement on how it is unacceptable no matter who you are.

      Rayna was very confusing in her actions as it didn’t seem to bother her as much as she portrayed at the end because if it did burn her to the core she would of been on it, angry and insulted visibly the moment it was said. Rayna was having issues with authority, doing her job and not coming off as a spoiled brat with those eye rolls that she admitted is a huge problem for her. She accepted the apology then didn’t without making it clear to heather verbally that she changed her mind all while speaking of it with those behind Heather’s back and convinently using it when she was having issues with work ethic. Granted she can decide to not accept an apology but working in a small confined place with limited people be an adult and forthcoming telling her so and not trying to poison the environment for others with her negativity. I’m sorry but I’d never tell someone who hurt me to the core that I really do like them and I’ve got their back after they did so. She also insulted Wes and was extremely insulting to him along with making disparaging remarks about another race which is a part of racism. She was lashing out like a child using derogatory names and terms towards them. She called Heather a Hoe amongst other colourful things. My Grandma always said to be careful of throwing stones living in a glass house and to pay attention to your own yard. I didn’t see any of the women continuely choosing to slide in the bed of a man who was engaged, regardless of if it was for a green card or not. He was cohabitation, living a life wit, sleeping with and going to marry another woman. She’s a beautiful woman who should know her worth, have dignity and some moral fibre and know better than to do that. I know if the shoe was reversed and she was in the fiancees shoes she wouldn’t appreciate or like another woman stepping in. Alas that’s also another bone of contention that both these women are insane to accept, be okay with and partake in this dort of a relationship.

      Rayna needs to stop drinking (which thankfully she has) as itcseemed to be an issue and not a healthy choice or something she controlled well. She needs to grow up and look at herself before others. She needs to watch her words and behaviour. If she wouldn’t like it done or said to her than she shouldn’t do or say it to anyone else.

      If she could control her drinking I don’t think she would of used the term and in turn I honestly don’t think Heather would have either. They both need to stop drinking themselves into stupidity. It was a racist remark not by only Heather but Rayna too. They both need to learn how to treat people as I saw times Heather could have done better but on the same token there was a lot of time Rayna needed to really check herself as her mouth was running unchecked and speaking before truly thinking. There were many who were on her receiving end moreso than Heather. Watch it biased, truly watch it. She has some issues she needs to work through. Life’s far too short. She isn’t the victim here and a bystander to racism and what happened this season she was an active participant in racist remarks/actions and what happened. Neither walks out of this in the right.


  15. I love how Rayna can say she doesn’t date light-skinned black men but it is okay for her to go after Heather for the n-word. She plays the victim and its really sad. But that is what the current political situation is.

    Rayna had the right to be hurt, but don’t pretend to accept the apology and then not let it go. Talk about fake.

  16. When you are as drunk as Heather was, parroting what Rayna said is excusable. Especially when a sincere apology was offered and accepted. It should not be acceptable for anyone to use the n word, wish it could be eradicated from everyone’s vocabulary. I take public transit and often hear young Black people using the word. It insults me and I don’t understand why they want to continue use of a word with such a horrible connotation. I think they use it to shock bystanders.

  17. I was not a fan of heather—Kate always had so much class and heather—not so much.
    That said—the thing with rayna was blown way out of proportion by rayna, full stop.
    I for one am surprised that her folks did not pull her aside and tell her she needs to toughen up if she is going to survive in this world around ACTUAL racism.

  18. Rayna should have been thrown off the boat within 24 hours of boarding. She had no class whatsoever. I’m not down playing what Heather said, but Rayna is no angel. My family owns a yacht and I was born and raised on it. No one with that mouth and disrespect deserves to have a job like that. What an embarrassment even before the Heather issue. I hope she is not on any Below Deck’s here on on out. She owes everyone an apology for acting like an idiot in general.

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