Ashley Iaconetti Missing Jared As She Prepares For Delivery

Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti via YouTube

Bachelor in Paradise alum Ashley Iaconetti is expecting her first baby with her husband Jared Haibon. Fans have loved following her on her pregnancy journey. As her time being pregnant is nearing its end, Ashley is sharing another bump update with fans. She is sharing her plans for the delivery of their child. Plus, she shares the reasons behind her decisions and why she is missing Jared.

Ashley Iaconetti shares bump update

Ashley Iaconetti went to Instagram to share a new bump update with fans. She shared an adorable photo showing her baby bump. She wanted to share with fans her plans for delivering their son. Ashley began saying that yes she and Jared live in Rhode Island. However, she will be staying for the next two months at her parent’s house in Virginia.

Ashley said since before she was pregnant she knew she wanted to deliver her first child at the hospital where her dad has worked as an anesthesiologist for the past 28 years.

Ashley also shared that she knew it would be difficult traveling back and forth for monthly appointments. Plus it would be hard for her to be away from home for such a long time. However, Ashley knew doing things this way would make her the most comfortable.

Ashley and Jared via Instagram
Ashley and Jared via Instagram

Ashley went on to say, “Birth has been a top fear of mine that I knew one day I would probably have to face.” She continued saying her dad has known her doctor for decades. She also said, “Plus, when your dad is one of the most senior docs in a group of anesthesiologists, the epidural service should be top notch…RIGHT?! Haha. All of this put together, I know this is the right decision for me.”

Where is Jared?

Ashley explained that since Audrey’s Coffee Lounge is still new that Jared has to stay a lot of the month in Rhode Island. She said, “I miss him so much, but he’ll be flying down every week or so.” She also shared that should she be at home he would still have to work 12 plus hour days so she wouldn’t see him much. Ashley also said he’s just an hour flight and a six-hour drive away should she go into labor.

Her due date isn’t until February 10 so she has a little bit of time left. However, nobody knows when their son will decide to make his grand debut.

Are you excited to see Ashley and Jared’s baby boy?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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