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Just How Many Exotic Pets Does Cheryl Burke Actually Have?

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We all enjoy having a few pets around the house. But Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke probably has a few more than any of us. She and her husband Matthew Lawrence are the owners of several scaly friends — keep reading to find out more!

Cheryl Burke practically has a jungle full of interesting pets

PopCulture reports that Cheryl Burke recently opened up her wild pets on a recent episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show. Cheryl and Matthew Lawrence absolutely love animals — but Matthew definitely has a thing for collecting reptiles.

“He has 45-50 reptiles that live beneath us,” Cheryl admitted. “No snakes! That was the deal, no snakes. But when we dated a little over a decade ago I knew I would be marrying a guy who loves reptiles.”

So if Matthew can’t have any snakes, what exactly does he have? Cheryl said that her husband has many different kinds, even “iguanas that look like alligators.”

The couple is also the owner of a French bulldog, Ysabella. Matthew gave her to Cheryl as an anniversary present one year. The little pup is not allowed anywhere near the scaly critters.

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“She’s my little baby, so I’m like, ‘Stay far away!'” Cheryl joked. “She stays away from the cages.”

If you’d like to check out the full interview for yourself, you can do that here:

The Dancing With The Stars veteran plans to come back for another season

Cheryl Burke isn’t going on tour with the rest of her costars this winter, but she does plan on returning for another season of Dancing With The Stars. During an episode of her podcast, Pretty Messed Up, she discussed the possibility of retirement. Cheryl does want to stop dancing and have children someday, but she isn’t sure she’s ready for that yet.

“Some women have been pregnant on this show who have bounced back literally in months. That’s just not — I’m 37. I need to put everything in perspective that my body hurts already without being pregnant. Can you imagine?” Cheryl told her DWTS costar, Witney Carson. “I want to know that I’m done with this space in my life and I think that waiting another year is not gonna hurt.”

Cheryl Burke and her Season 30 partner Cody Rigsby managed to place third. Many DWTS fans weren’t sure they were going to make it that far, especially after both of them contracted COVID-19. But even so, the Peloton fans really came through for the couple.

Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

If Cheryl comes back for Season 31, who would you like to see her compete with? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. Keep following us online for more Dancing With The Stars news! We’re here to keep you filled in.

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