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Cheryl Burke Talks Body Dysmorphia And Its Impact On Her Dancing Career

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It’s not easy for anyone to deal with body dysmorphia. And unfortunately, Cheryl Burke has been dealing with it for quite a long time. She recently opened up about the impact it’s had on her ballroom dancing career.

Cheryl Burke wants to spread awareness of body image issues

If you follow Dancing With The Stars, you probably know that Cheryl Burke struggled with addiction in the past. But that wasn’t the only hurdle she had to overcome. The pro dancer recently posted an Instagram video highlighting her struggles with body image issues.

“Growing up as a dancer and then being in the public eye, body image has played a huge role in my life and, to be honest, is something I still struggle with at times, just like any other woman,” the 37-year-old captioned her video. “Going into a New Year, I know there is a lot of messaging out there focused on the way our bodies look and it can be easy to get sucked into a trap of body dysmorphia. So, thought I would share a little bit about my own experiences with you guys and some of the strategies I’ve learned to help when those thoughts creep into your head, in case any of you can relate. Here’s to a HEALTHY 2022 ♥️”

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In the video, Cheryl describes how some fans attack her weight and say she doesn’t look good in her skimpy costumes any longer. That would be very hurtful to hear, regardless of whether or not you were a professional dancer.

However, many more fans agree that Cheryl Burke looks as lovely as ever. She will be 38-years-old by the time Season 31 rolls around and she expects she will join the competition for at least one more year. She doesn’t care what the haters say!

The dancer wouldn’t want her kids to be professional dancers

In previous interviews, Cheryl confirmed that she definitely wants to be a mother someday. However, she does not want her children to grow up in the ballroom dancing world. This only makes sense — she knows firsthand how detrimental it can be for a kid’s mental health.

“I always say this – when I have a kid, if I have a girl especially, I won’t let her ballroom because look – there’s a lot of great things about ballroom, but there’s also the fact that you have to grow up so fast,” she said on an episode of the Pretty Messed Up podcast.

Cheryl Burke/Instagram

The problems she faced growing up influenced her addiction, which she’s still working hard to overcome. Cheryl’s sobriety is very important to her and she works on it every single day.

Dancing With The Stars fans wish Cheryl Burke all the best as she fights to stay physically and mentally well in the new year. Keep checking back with us for more DWTS news.

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