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Riley Christian Shares Cryptic Post Amid Maurissa Gunn Split Rumors

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Rumors began flying Friday that there may be trouble in paradise for engaged couple Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn. They were the first Black couple to get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise. Riley and Maurissa were smitten with one another and even hit up the boom boom room on their first date. Fans believed they would be successful in the real world after the show ended. Now, it’s looking like they may all be wrong. Keep reading to find out more about all the clues and Riley’s cryptic message on Instagram.

Riley Christian shares cryptic message with fans

Maurissa Gunn sparked breakup rumors Friday when she seemingly did a social media cleanse. This means she deleted almost every photo of herself and Riley Christian from her Instagram account. The only photos that remain are official promo photos.

She also shared a message saying, “All that glitters isn’t gold.” Then, a video was shared in which Maurissa was not wearing her huge engagement ring. She had also shared two selfies of herself saying, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Today, Riley Christian went to Instagram to share a seemingly cryptic message with fans. He began by saying it was his first time talking on his story in 2022 so he wanted to start off by saying Happy New Year. He continued saying he hoped everyone rang in 2022 with some positive vibes.

Then, Riley said speaking of positive vibes he wants everyone regardless of their situation to keep pushing forward. He said things will work out for the better just stay positive. Riley said that was really all he wanted to say, a positive message for 2022 and his first message of the year. He concluded saying get after it and keep going no matter what.

Is this a sign of a breakup message to come? So far neither Maurissa nor Riley have confirmed a split.

Their engagement

Riley and Maurissa made history on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. They were the first engaged Black couple. After the finale aired they both shared tons of videos and photos together. They were planning a wedding and talking about babies. They even met each other’s families and got approval from both. Many fans believed they would make it work.

Riley and Maurissa even spent the holidays together so what went wrong? Fans will have to wait until they are ready to confirm a split. Something definitely seems wrong. What do you think?

Stay tuned for more updates.




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