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‘LPBW’ Tragic Loss Rumor Swirls: Is Zach Roloff Alright?

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A terrifying headline made rounds on Facebook recently claiming the LPBW family suffered a tragic loss recently that has left fans wondering if Zach Roloff is alright. The horrifying headline appeared in the form of a Facebook advertisement. It appeared to have been reported by some sort of clothing store. The headline claimed a “sudden loss” hit the Roloff family. The text attached to the Facebook post noted the loss was confirmed to the public, but the family was asking for privacy. The post also noted there was little information available about this sudden loss.

The post featured a photo of Amy Roloff, a photo of Zach Roloff’s family, and a photo of someone holding Zach’s hand while he rested in a hospital bed. The combination of pictures along with the headline painted a story to suggest something was very wrong with Zach Roloff.

LPBW Tragic Loss Rumors: Is Zach Roloff Alright?

Snopes caught wind of this bizarre rumor a few days ago and did a little digging. Turns out, this terrifying headline suggesting the family suffered a tragic loss has been making rounds since last month. Now, for those who have done a Google search to confirm whether the family has suffered a tragic loss… They are going to come across a headline that does NOT make them feel better. As we reported back in October of last year, Amy Roloff DID suffer a tragic loss. Her beautiful dog Felix passed away.

According to LPBW star Amy Roloff, she suffered the devastating loss of her beloved dog just days before her wedding. She, however, had to hold that grief in because she was getting married. This was also why she decided not to go public with this information until after the wedding. Unfortunately, the death of Amy’s dog may have encouraged this rumor of a tragic loss in the family to spread.

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Fortunately, Little People, Big World fans can take comfort in knowing nothing is wrong with Zach Roloff. In fact, the photo of him in a hospital bed is from an older episode of the series. According to Snopes, the photo is actually from an episode of the series that dates all the way back to 2006 titled “Zach’s Emergency.”

Roloff Farms Did Catch Fire Recently

As we reported recently, Roloff Farms did catch fire. According to Matt, a light fell down in the chicken farm causing a spark that quickly turned into a six-foot-tall fire with pouring billows of smoke. Matt reassured fans and followers that no one was injured during the fire — not even a single chicken. Thanks to the quick action of the fire department and all of his fire extinguishers around the property, they were able to get control of the fire pretty quickly.

fire roloff farms

Did you stumble across the terrifying headline that suggested the LPBW family had suffered a tragic loss? Did the pictures of Zach Roloff in a hospital bed terrify you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Roloff news.

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