Lauren Duggar Finally Surfaces After Months Of Silence

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Is former Counting On star Lauren Duggar finally back after over a year of social media silence? As we’ve reported, fans haven’t heard from Josiah and Lauren in months. This has caused fans to worry about the couple and their two-year-old daughter, Bella.

Fans have been searching for an update but haven’t heard much yet. Plus, with Counting On being canceled, there’s no way for fans to see Josiah and Lauren on TV either.

They last posted on Instagram in November 2020 and have deleted many of their posts. Some fans thought they might be scrubbing their Instagram page ahead of Josh Duggar’s child porn trial. Maybe they didn’t want their pictures circulating online and didn’t want negative attention. Or maybe Josh’s crimes opened their eyes to what really happens online.

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While staying silent on their own Instagram account, the couple did make an appearance on the Duggar family’s Instagram page in the summer. Then, Josiah was spotted at the family’s Christmas gathering, but Lauren and Bella were not.

Now, fans have finally seen Lauren once again. So, what’s going on?

Lauren Duggar finally shows up at a family event.

In a YouTube video posted on Friday, Jedidiah and Katey announced the gender of their first baby. After blue smoke filled the air, Lauren ran over to give Katey a hug. You can see Lauren in the video for a few seconds. She seems very happy and comfortable at the family event.

Her appearance in the video also sparked pregnancy speculation. Some fans and critics think Lauren could be pregnant with her second baby based on her clothing and the way her body looks. Of course, this isn’t confirmed by the family yet.

Not only was Lauren spotted at the family gathering, but her husband Josiah and daughter Bella can be seen there too.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t explain why Josiah and Lauren have disappeared from their own Instagram page. Fans are still wondering if they will ever return to social media. It’s unclear what’s going on behind the scenes, but it seems like Josiah and Lauren might be attempting to lay low. This could be due to Josh’s trial or something else.

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So, does Lauren Duggar’s rare appearance surprise you? Were you expecting to see her anytime soon? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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