'American Pickers' Season 23 Premiere: Ratings Plummet Without Frank [Screenshot | YouTube]

‘American Pickers’ Season 23 Premiere: Ratings Plummet Without Frank

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American Pickers Season 23 premiere did not do as well as expected. The ratings dropped with Mike Wolfe and his brother Robbie as the new host. This comes amid Frank Fritz’s firing. Season 23 of the show premiered on Saturday, January 1, 2022. The show hoped to have a fresh start with Mike and the new host Robbie.

Fan-favorite and original host Frank Fritz was booted from the series. While the ratings were still above 1 million viewers, they dramatically dropped compared to previous seasons. The Season 23 premiere only attracted 1,050,000 viewers.

Frank Fritz’s firing

This comes after the History Channel fired Frank Fritz. They replace him with Mike’s brother Robbie. They unveiled the new host in the cast photos shown on the website. Frank made his last appearance on American Pickers in an episode from March 2020. At the time, he was recovering from back surgery.

In July 2020, the network fired him despite his desire to return to the series. Frank left the show to recover from his back surgery. He ended up with two rods in his spine and 185 stitches. Frank wants to focus on a healthier lifestyle. He dropped 65 pounds and is sober from alcohol.

American Pickers Frank Fritz Mike Wolfe
American Pickers Frank Fritz Mike Wolfe

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Frank revealed that he entered a treatment facility for alcohol abuse. He stayed at the Iowa-based rehab for 77 days. At the time, Frank was 11 months sober. He also attends AA meetings “twice a week” after his rehab stint.

He would’ve gotten sober a year ago. Unfortunately, he relapsed, which set him back. Then he made the decision to attend a meeting and return to rehab. Frank admitted that his life is doing better despite his firing. He did not let that cause him to have a setback in his life.

His feud with co-star Mike Wolfe

On top of that, Frank is in a feud with co-star Mike Wolfe. He told The Sun that the two haven’t spoken in two years. Even when he underwent back surgery, Mike didn’t reach out to him. Frank blames the show for tilting in Mike’s favor.

The reality star thinks Mike really wanted his brother on the show. He ended up getting his wish. Frank didn’t understand why Mike treated him like that. But he can’t confirm whether Mike really has a problem with him.

American Pickers Season 23 ratings plummet

The Season 22 premiere of American Pickers on January 25, 2021, attracted 1,273,000 viewers. Even the mid-season ratings were higher than the Season 23 premiere. The July 5, 2021, episode had 1,336,000 viewers while the July 19, 2021 episode had 1,322,000 viewers.

Still, the Season 23 premiere had more viewers than the Season 22 finale, which aired on September 6, 2021, and attracted only 1,028,000 viewers. The episodes that featured Frank Fritz also saw an uptick in ratings. His final episode on March 2, 2020, had 1,282,000 viewers.

Did you watch the Season 23 premiere of American Pickers? Do you miss Frank Fritz? Do you like the new host? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I will no longer watch American Pickers. The way Frank has been treated has turned me against Mike and the rest of his staff. Frank made the show!!

    1. I absolutely agree, I haven’t watched it at all since he was dropped, I watched ALL the previous series. A Great show, BUT, what a way to treat Fritz, BRING HIM BACK!

    2. to me show not the same without frank ive had back problems i wish frank the best a true friend would have been there i dont know all the details but my gut tells me frank would be good friend not sure about mike

  2. I definitely miss Frank and have lost my faith in Mike. Does friendship not mean anything? I have lost interest in watching American Pickers or Mike Wolfe and Danielle also for that matter. Funny how fame goes to your head!!

    1. Mike dumped Frank and his wife for a former nude model.
      I didn’t watch the show for the $15,000 bicycle Mike buys to put in his livingroom…but for the $45.00 can or clock Frank bought….because I can relate to that.

  3. Frank should be given another chance. Nobody is perfect and frank is the lighter side of mike wolf.robbie and Danielle are support staff.

  4. The show was great because of the relationship between two friends since high school, Frank and Mike. Then Mike went “Holllywood”, dumped his wife for another woman, brought his brother into the show and partnered him with Danielle, and the whole show tilted. It’s just not the same without Frank. I never watch it anymore. Mike’s ego got too big.

  5. I could barely watch to the end of the first show. It was so dull. Frank had a great deal of knowledge that Mike’s brother and Danielle lack. Mike keeps lecturing while Frank was fun. It’s done for me.

  6. Somebody needs to Explore into his Brother’s (Robbie) past Business pattern of Not Paying his Bills from his prior Business endeavors……. He either doesn’t Pay them or tries to Weasle his way out of them by trying to justify why (in his mind) he shouldn’t have to Pay them !

    1. Mike’s brother really down grades the show I loved watching it before he was hired on he thinks he knows about everything he not what you need on a tv show that was a really good tv show to watch now 🤮👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 sorry but that’s how it is he’s like a fart in a crowd of people and they all are leaving and that’s what you guys need to Seeger rid of the fart to save the show .

  7. I don’t watch it anymore. It’s not the same without Frank Fritz. I don’t really care for Mikes brother or this new picker with the long hair. I thin it was a bad choice to remove Frank from the lineup. Bring back Fritz and I will consider watching again. Oh and have Mike shave. He looks terrible in a beard.

  8. What I still don’t understand and maybe someone can explain for me; didn’t Frank and Mike own the stores together? Wouldn’t Mike have to buy Frank out of his half? How can a TV show tell Frank he can’t work at his own store?

  9. American Pickers is done as far as I see it, or won’t see it without Frank! It’s like Laurel without Hardy, the Three Stooges with out Moe, Abbot and Costello without Costello; you get my point! And the way I see it, they better get Frank back quick before they blow the show altogether. What a great opener , Mike buries the hatchet with Frank and they get on with what they both do best! You don’t do soup without sandwich or American Pickers without Frank! Mike is only half the show and without Frank, the show will go the way of all the antiques that they haven’t found yet! Bring back Frank with a nice hefty raise and I’m sure the shows ratings will go to the moon!!!!!

  10. Hard to watch Mike anymore his fake passion for items gets to be a bit much his brother come s off as a dult without Frank the show is definitely not the same. Im sure that Frank likes just being Frank without putting up with a egomaniac

  11. When Frank was removed from the show, I stopped watching. Frank and Mike WERE the show. Whenever Robbie and Danielle made an appearance, I had to change the channel. Something phoney about both of them. Mike has joined the
    “My $hit don’t stink club.” It’s always sad to watch people change over money and forget the people that helped them get to where they are today. Frank is much better off.

  12. BRING BACK FRANK!! He was the “ Barney Fife” to Mikes “Andy”. The show just isn’t the same. We won’t be watching. Loved Frank and Mike together. Not so much with a new cast. Why do TV shows always do that and mess up a good thing. Hollywood again at its worst.

  13. I was never a fan of Mike Wolfe but I loved Frank. The show is over as far as I am concerned. The way Frank was treated was horrid. They should have helped him.
    Never watch it now.

  14. I think changing to another night hurt you more than Frank being gone. It is a good show and change is always difficult for viewers. I got tired of Frank looking for KISS memorabilia, etc. I miss the old man on Pawn Stars but he died and I accept he won’t be back. He was kind of the Simon(American Idol)and Mr. Wonderful of (Shark Tank) A tell it like it is always needed to make the show a little more interesting. A loyal viewer

  15. When frank was remived instopped watching as well. Mike and frank were the show. I never really like it when all.of mikes GUEST pickets rode with him. Thay didnt make the show. I enjoyed those characters as guest pick locations but when they started getting pulped into thw show.i was done. I never like watching robbie pick either. As a guest help maybe but never full.time. mike frank and danielle made the show period. This one is getting ruined by the cast and choices made of stars

  16. Mike and Frank made American Pickers. Shocked Frank was sacked and saddened by the treatment of his so called work colleagues and former friends. Frank had problems but should have been supported through his difficulties not replaced with Robbie who has no charisma only hired because he is Mikes brother. Will no longer watch

  17. I stopped watching it! Dani and Mike should be ashamed of themselves! I was an avid fan! Not anymore. Dani walks around like she’s so nice and Mike leaves his wife and daughter for another woman who rides motorcycles! Really and y’all says Frank has problems!

  18. I will not watch the show any longer !! Mike and Robbie could not have a more fitting last name.
    Wolves are predatory and opportunistic.
    Frank was an intergral part of the show. I have no interest in watching Robbie and Mike

  19. Frank = real personality…… Mike = fake personality,,,, Danielle = fake personality….. Robbie = zero personality….. Jersey Mike = douche nozzle…

  20. Mike and Danielle carried that show not Frank ….he always wanted something for nothing ..didn’t like the little man or NHL’s attitude……

  21. Frank made the show. Mike always struck me as sketchy and Danielle is just plain trashy. Not to mention all the transactions are fake and set up. It was entertaining with Frank but with him gone not so much. I won’t watch it again

  22. I stopped watching the show. I don’t know all the facts but Mike, Frank and Danielle were the show. Still wish it could get worked out.

  23. I enjoyed the show because of the rapport between Mike and Frank. The shows over the years with mike’s brother were boring. We don’t know the truth about the supposed feud but if Mike wanted his brother involved he could have incorporated him in the show without axing Frank. BRING BACK FRANK AND YOUR RATINGS WILL GO BACK UP.

  24. Mike and his millions, with the six houses he owns let his ego get to him.
    I can’t believe how boring the show is now without Frank!
    Will never watch again!

  25. I stopped watching without frank its not worth my time daniel was only ok her voice would wear you down it time .

  26. Wow! Turned the show on for the first time in awhile! Sorry and sad Frank isn’t there, not liking Mile’s beard. I guess I’ll watch for reruns.
    Hope you are doing well Frank!

  27. I will not even today watch an episode without Frank being part of the show, even reruns with Frank on them. Ratings ratings ratings enough said.

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