Kody Brown Says Janelle Vomits Bullsh*t, He’s Done?

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Kody Brown and his second wife, Janelle have not been getting along at all. He feels she is mocking his pandemic rules. At the same time, she thinks he is going a little too hard. Furthermore, she has had to stand up for her three kids who still live at home. Janelle has had to repeatedly play mediator between her sons Gabriel, Garrison, and their father. At the end of last week’s episode of Sister Wives, Janelle basically told Kody to f- off as she was just over him. Yet, is he now over her?

Kody Brown- Who Is The Real Problem?

When the pandemic first began, each wife was super protective of their family. As much as they wanted Kody around, they also need to do what was best for themselves. Christine and Janelle cared most about their kids. There was no easy way to navigate this whole situation as they believed a plural family should quarantine together. Unfortunately, with different obligations, it just was not possible.

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Janelle has two sons who are out living in the real world. Gabriel is in college and has a girlfriend who he does not want to go without seeing. Additionally, Garrison has graduated and was taking time to work super hard to save up for his own place. Janelle was not about to throw either one of them out on the streets. With that being said, she felt it best if Kody stayed away for a while. He, in return, did not agree with how lenient she was being. Kody also felt she, as well as Christine, traveled too much.

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She obeyed the CDC’s rules and even followed most of Kody’s rules for the nanny to live by. However, she felt he went a little too hard on everyone. He actually felt the boys should be evicted if he had his way as they were not bringing safety into the home. The boys were starting to really tire of their dad’s antics and the way he could so easily brush them aside. They believed he was making a choice to not be with him. Now, Kody is still mad at Janelle in the upcoming episode and it is not good.

Calling BS On Janelle

Janelle decided it might be a good and safe idea for Gabriel’s girlfriend to move in for a few weeks. This would allow for them to be able to be together in a safe setting. To be clear, she has her own place but since she would be working over the Christmas season, she would essentially quarantine with Janelle’s family. Kody Brown just looked at Janelle like she had four heads.

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In his mind, this was going against their whole religion which, in a sense has already been flushed down the toilet. He believes whatever she is saying is just “blah blah blah.” To him, she is just vomiting bs. What she is really doing is trying to keep her kids appeased. They are her first priority. Kody rarely comes around. When he does, he is outside and really offers very little. Yet, they are still at an impasse.

Was Kody correct in his assessment or is he still going too hard? Let us know in the comments below and watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.

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  1. Kody just wants to control everyone, but not actually BE a family. This season is a bore. He needs to get over himself! What does the nanny do? Let Robyn off the hook of being a Mom & just be his f**k toy? It’s clear he only wants her & she said Ari can’t go long without her Dad. She uses her kids as pawns. His “rules” are way more excessive than the CDC.

  2. Cody is a control freak.He thinks he can think for these woman and surprise they all have a brain.Im with Janelle shes a smart woman

  3. Kody just wants the wives to pay him their paychecks . He doesn’t have one really never has had one. Nanny for what? Lord those kids r not babies anymore. Does this mean a new baby is coming? Just what they don’t need . Noone has a job but Janelle. That’s why Kody wants her toobey him money@ I quitting this show .

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