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Christine Brown Takes Daughter Away After Kody Split

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Christine Brown has made no secret that her children come first in her life. Her biggest desire was to leave Flagstaff and move back to Utah despite what her sister wives and Kody wanted. In early November 2021, Christine announced she had left Kody. Furthermore, it was confirmed she was back in Utah and living her best life. Two of her six kids had come with her as the rest have flown the coop. Many viewers wondered how the move would impact Kody’s relationship with Christine’s children. Have they had a chance to reconnect since leaving?

Christine Brown Leaves The Family

There came a point where Christine lost her luster for all of the decisions being made for her. After being forced to leave the single-family home in Utah for Las Vegas, the mom of six finally found her freedom. It was one thing to share the familial responsibilities with her sister wives when they were under one roof. That made Christine, Meri, and Janelle have to work as somewhat of a team. Yet, Vegas was a whole new ballgame.

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Robyn had joined as a fourth sister wife with each woman having their own home in a cul-de-sac. They were responsible for their own families and started to experience this new autonomy. Christine ventured out and got her real estate license with Janelle. Eventually, she got into the MLM business and found herself doing quite well. Unfortunately, she was none too thrilled when Kody got it in his head that it was time to up and move again. This time they were headed to Flagstaff.

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For Christine, her heart was back in Utah. Her two eldest daughters, Aspyn and Mykelti had settled back there. It felt like home so, in 2020, she proposed the idea to Kody. They had yet to build on their Coyote Pass land. He claimed he was for it but that was a lie. There was such a long-term breakdown in their marriage and they rarely saw each other. He did not agree with her life choices and eventually, she made the decision to move to Utah and leave the family. So, with her out of state, how has that impacted Kody seeing his children?

Christine Takes Her Daughter Away- Did She See Kody?

It has been an exciting time for Christine Brown and her family since she left Kody. She has reconnected with her two older daughters and spent a lot of time with her granddaughter. Additionally, she has been glowing in almost all of her photos, showing off her new figure and revealing dress. Now, she is venturing out even more and taking her youngest daughter, Truely on a super fun road trip.

Christine Brown and daughter

According to In Touch Weekly, Christine is taking Truely to Arizona first. They will visit Coyote Pass and their family out there. No word on whether or not Kody will get up close and personal with Truely due to his strict pandemic rules since they are coming from another state. After they depart Flagstaff, the duo will head to North Carolina to see Ysabel. She is living with Maddie Brown Brush (Janelle’s daughter) while attending college. As Christine says, it will be “FULL of FAMILY TIME!!”

They will return home around January 22nd. From the photos Christine has shared of her and Truely, it seems they are having nothing but fun. They have played games with family and even engaged in snowball fights. It should be fun seeing more pics from their cross-country adventure.

Do you think Kody will see his daughter even though she has been traveling? Let us know and watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.


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  1. As crazy as kody is … he will give christine full custody of truly.. so kody doesn’t have to pay for her .. and never see her again.. kody will blame christine for taking truly away from him … kody will also tell christine take brown off of her …
    WAKE UP WIVES !!!!

    1. Why does Kody think he’s all that? He’s not. Robyn is nothing but a cry baby that’s all she does. That’s getting old also. She loves playing the victim she’s got that act down pat. With Kody’s life falling apart what’s he going to do now? He might lose his meal ticket the TV show!

  2. I doubt Kody even knows she’s gone. Hopefully Meri and Janelle will wise up to the fact that Robyn and Kody just want to be alone. Robyn can have him. They deserve each other.

  3. He doesn’t care about any kids except Robin’s kids, and as crazy as he is with the Covid rules he won’t get that close. Those kids are better off without him, the older kids see what he is like. A jerk. It’s his way or no way. Christine did the best thing she could for herself was to leave. She is the only smart one. Someone need to smack some sense into Meri, he has basically told her that he wants nothing to do with her, why stay with a man that has NO interest in u. He is never going to want her back. Meri is living in fantasy world if she is waiting for him to come around. Ain’t never gonna happen!

  4. Does Kody even work?? This guy’s a nut case, a head case, a basket case! How cruel to pluck your kids out of school in their senior year, what a selfish self-centered BASTARD you are Kody!! I can guarantee you Kody, your children will resent you & probably already hate you for several reasons, the primary reason being the way you TREAT THEIR MOTHERS! KODY, YOU ARE SELF SERVING, HYPOCRITICAL, EGOTISTICAL BIGGOT, IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU KODY… I don’t get the attraction, you are nothing to look at, you have ZERO Personality, the women are the Breadwinner’s, not you Kody, you sir are all mouth, demanding of others as you “DEMEAN”them!! Some of these wives do show signs of “BATTERED WIFE SYNDROME”…. Good Luck Ladies!

  5. When kody didn’t put daughter surgery before robin and her kids that said everything. He’s terrible father and husband. Show needsto be canceled let him get real job quit living off the pain of these women. Janelle and especially meri need to wake up he’s keeping them around for the money they bring in. Meri need some self-esteem and pride he already told her he has no plans of EVER coming back to her. She pathetic to wait for someone thats never coming back.

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