‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Margaret’s Mom Millie Abusive Behind The Cameras?

my 600 lb life millie - margaret

During tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life, viewers met Margaret Johnson and her mother Millie. Millie seemed to be overcompensating for once abandoning her daughter. She was enabling her to make poor eating choices and she was accused of babying her by Dr. Paradise. But, was she abusive of her daughter when the cameras were not rolling? Some viewers think there is more to meet the eyes.

Warning: Contains spoilers for My 600-Lb. Life Season 10, Episode 10.

my 600 lb life millie - margaret
my 600 lb life millie – margaret

My 600-Lb. Life viewers accuse Margaret’s mother Millie of abuse

There was a scene pretty early on in the episode where two women show up to do physical therapy with Margaret. Margaret protests getting out of the bed and insists her leg hurts. Millie answers the door and tells the therapists she had already called them to tell them they would need to reschedule the appointment. Then, she shuts the door to deal with her daughter.

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On Redditone fan calls attention to the shouting and aggressive tone of the mother that could be heard through the door. She points out they had no idea the cameras were rolling and the door was shut at the time. The therapists were close to the door as they listened to Millie continue to shout at her daughter.

Eventually, Millie yells through the closed door. She tells them again they would need to leave so the PT could be rescheduled. One of the women responds with rescheduling next week being unlikely. She clarifies they moved a lot of things around just to make this session work. And, they were not going to continue to accommodate someone who would not even let them in.

my 600 lb life reddit

“Wow did you hear how abusive the mom was when she thought she wasn’t on camera when the PT people were at the door?” One fan penned in the Reddit thread.


Viewers don’t care for the mother

Throughout the entire thread, viewers had nothing great to say about Millie. Many agreed she set her daughter up for failure in the way she treated her. In response to the individual calling attention to the mother potentially being abusive, someone also called attention to the Dr. Paradise scene. They noted it was disgusting how she defended the tantrum her daughter was throwing.

my 600 lb life margaret

The whole part of her talking about how she needs her and she’s gonna throw a tantrum and eat with Dr. Paradise. Like well 1. ‘How she gonna raise hell from da bed?’ 2. Why you talking about your 35 year old bed bound daughter throwing a tantrum. 3. How she gonna eat from the bed.”

my 600 lb life margaret johnson

While there weren’t too many that agreed with the abusive angle, they did agree Millie was enabling her daughter and setting her up for failure. Many noted Millie and Margaret really need to spend some time apart.

Do you think Millie might be abusing Margaret when the cameras aren’t rolling? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on My 600-Lb. Life.

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This episode of My 600-Lb. Life airs tonight only on TLC. Those with a Discovery+ subscription are able to watch the episode early as it drops into the streaming library in the morning the same day it airs. Previous episodes of My 600-Lb. Life are also available via Discovery+.

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