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Is Carmen Electra Joining ‘RHOBH’?

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Is Carmen Electric dropping hints that she could soon be joining the cast of RHOBH? The model took to Instagram in response to a meme shared by a fan which suggested that they would love to see Electra become a regular on RHOBH.

Electra’s response that she believes becoming a Beverly Hills housewife cast member would ‘be a fun experience’ has Bravo fans buzzing with anticipation. Per Page Six Bravo fans claim that if The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is looking to add a little more zest to the lineup then Carmen would be a fantastic addition.

The meme shared reads, “Wait, Carmen Electra joining #RHOBH as Garcelle’s friend would be very interesting.”

Electra’s response,”Would be funnn, omg yes!!!”

Credit: Carmen Electra Instagram
Credit: Carmen Electra Instagram

How Would Carmen Electric Fit With The Beverly Hills Cast?

Needless to say, this has sent fans over the edge! The comments soon began flooding in with most fans all in agreement. RHOBH’s dedicated viewers claim that the show has been somewhat lacking in excitement the past couple of seasons. While Erika Jayne’s drama kept fans tuning in last season there was a bit of a lull in the entertainment department.

Over the years viewers have become accustomed to a certain degree of drama amongst the women. It began with Kim Richards’ addiction issues and Brandi Glanville‘s sassy and trashy attitude. Fans also grew excited when Denise Richards joined the women. They feel Richards would add a lot of Hollywood drama however, they were quickly disappointed when Richards failed to go into detail on certain subjects such as her marriage to actor Charlie Sheen.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

‘RHOBH’ Fans Want A Change

Season 10 began to heat up a bit more when Brandi Glanville revealed she and Denise Richards had hooked up, Denise continuously denied all of Brandi’s allegations despite Glanville’s texts from Richard’s revealing the two allegedly engaged in an intimate affair. Instead of facing Brandi and the other women, Denise chose to make her exit from the series.

So, that being said, what kind of juice could Carmen Electra bring to Beverly Hills? Well, as far as interesting qualifications, Electra has a couple of pretty interesting ex-husbands in Dennis Rodman and Dave Navarro. She is also not a rookie when it comes to reality television. She and Navarro documented much of their lives dating to marriage in 2004 with MTV’s “Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave.”

The reality series was a big draw for MTV with fans loving Carmen’s direct and outgoing personality. But, how would she handle the RHOBH‘s wives? Fans feel that Carmen would likely get along well with Kyle, Sutton, Crystal, and Dorit. But they feel there would be quite a personality clash with outspoken wives Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne.

'RHOBH' Credit: YouTube/Bravo
‘RHOBH’ Credit: YouTube/Bravo

 Would Carmen Electra Put Rinna In Her Place?

One fan comments, “Carmen and Rinna and Erika would have a hard time getting along. They would all be competing for attention. I believe it would become very ugly real fast! Count me in for that showdown!”

Another adds, “I would love to see Carmen come in and put Rinna in her place. Lisa is obnoxious it would be fun to see her taken down a peg or two!”

At this time Carmen Electra joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is purely speculation.  Would you like to see Carmen Electra joining RHOBH? An official premiere date for Season 12 has yet to be released. However, some rumors are claiming new episodes could begin as early as Spring.


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