Hannah Ann Sluss Has New NFL Boyfriend, Who Is He?

Hannah Ann Sluss via YouTube

Hannah Ann Sluss has not been in a serious relationship since her engagement to¬†The Bachelor¬†Peter Weber ended. She’s been linked to several guys, however, she never made any official announcement she was dating. It was all just rumors. Now, she’s showing glimpses of her new man on social media. Hannah Ann isn’t revealing his face just yet though. However, with a little digging, it seems pretty obvious who her new boyfriend is. Keep reading to find out more!

Hannah Ann Sluss has a new boyfriend, who is he?

Fans have been waiting for Hannah Ann Sluss to find happiness after Peter Weber did her wrong. She’s pretty private about her personal life. However, it seems she must really like her new boyfriend. She’s showing small glimpses of her time with him while not revealing his face.

Hannah Ann was obviously with him in Malibu, California yesterday. She shared a video of the rocky beach and sunset saying it was the perfect end to a Tuesday adventure. Her new man shared a photo of the same rocky beach and sunset on his Instagram Story as well. Hannah Ann also shared another video in which she was the passenger in a car. She panned over to show a man’s arms and he was driving.

Hannah Ann Sluss, Instagram

It didn’t stop there. She also shared a photo of both of their hands reaching up to pick an orange off of a tree. She asked fans which state was better to pick oranges, Florida or California.

So, who is it? Hannah Ann Sluss appears to be dating NFL star Jake Funk of the Los Angeles Rams. Not only did they both share the same photo/video scene, but they also follow each other on Instagram and TikTok. So far neither Hannah Ann nor Jake have confirmed their romantic connection.

Jake Funk via Instagram

Who is Jake Funk?

Jake Funk went to college in Maryland. He now is a running back in the NFL for the Los Angeles Rams. He is 23 and about to celebrate a birthday on January 11. Jake is from Gaithersburg, Maryland. However, he and Hannah Ann both now live in Los Angeles so they don’t have the long-distance issues to deal with.

This is his rookie season playing professional football. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 2020.

What do you think about Hannah Ann Sluss and her new boyfriend, Jake Funk?

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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