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‘The Bachelor’: Sam Jeffries Mystery, What Happened After Bikini Entrance?

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The Bachelor Clayton Echard kicked off his season Monday night on ABC. There were some interesting entrances from the ladies. One, in particular, had Bachelor Nation buzzing. Sam Jeffries made her entrance in a bubble bath wearing a sexy black bikini. However, she seemingly disappeared after she went inside the mansion. It now seems to be a mystery and fans are wondering where did Sam go? Why wasn’t her exit shown on television? Keep reading to find out what is known at this time.

The Bachelor mystery, what happened to Sam Jeffries?

Fans are wondering what in the world happened to Sam Jeffries? She made her intro in a bubble bath wearing a black bikini. After going inside the mansion with bubbles on her she seemingly disappeared. She was not seen at the rose ceremony and fans are wondering why.

Dave Neal went to Instagram and YouTube to share his theory and thoughts on what went down. It turns out earlier Tuesday morning, Sam had an Instagram story up that has since been deleted. The post shared a photo of her in the bikini and then a picture of her in a stunning cocktail dress on the right. She said what she wore versus what she wanted to wear. She also wrote that she had some explaining to do and hopefully she could this week.

Clayton via Instagram
Clayton via Instagram

Dave Neal picked up on it as did Reddit. It seems Sam just disappeared after she made her grand entrance. After deleting her first Instagram story post, she made another post. Plus, she also shared Dave Neal’s theory in her stories. In her own post, Sam shared a photo of her in the bathtub.

She said, “Well well well, look what the handlers rolled in 😂. Tell me you’re on the Bachelor for the right reasons without telling me you’re on for the right reasons………*disappears after entrance*”

Sam continued on saying that she did talk to Clayton Echard privately that night. She said there needs to be a romantic connection between two people and it just wasn’t there. So, it seems she may have self eliminated. However, Dave Neal is wondering if there is more to the story than just not a good connection.

She went on to say that as much as she wanted to stay it would not have been fair to the other women who were all in. So, is that the real reason she left?

The theory

Dave Neal went on to say that there could be more to the story. He’s hoping Sam will reach out and clarify what really went down. As for Dave’s theory, he thinks perhaps there could be some producer manipulation going on. While it’s all just speculation at this point, it’s been thought that perhaps Sam was not willing to do exactly what the producers wanted her to do. So, she either left or they made her leave.

Other reasons to think this also lies in a post she shared of her meeting Clayton and saying, “This wasn’t my first (or 15th) idea 😂.”

So, why didn’t ABC show Sam’s exit? She was never brought up again. It’s very odd her self-eliminating wasn’t revealed if that is indeed what happened. The mystery remains but it seems fans will be getting answers soon and it’s leaning towards more than there wasn’t a connection. What do you think?

Stay tuned and don’t miss The Bachelor on ABC Monday nights.

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