Netflix Zombie K-Drama ‘All of Us Are Dead’: Release Date, Trailer

Netflix K-Drama zombie series All of Us are Dead

As the world can’t get enough of zombie horror, Netflix will be releasing the much-anticipated K-Drama All of Us Are Dead soon. Read on to find out more about the K-Drama zombie series, including its plot, cast, trailer, as well as its release date on Netflix.

Netflix K-Drama zombie horror All of Us Are Dead

The upcoming South Korean zombie-horror series All of Us Are Dead comes from screenwriter Chun Sung-Il. Meanwhile, the Netflix K-Drama series is based on the webtoon Now at Our School by Joo Dong-guen and is directed by Lee Jae Gyoo. The director is known for his work on King2Hearts, Intimate Strangers and Trap.

Netflix K-Drama zombie series All of Us are Dead
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What with AMC’s The Walking Dead franchise and all, the zombie genre is popular with horror fans. Moreover, it has become one of the streamer’s most lucrative sources of TV shows and movies. In fact, once All of Us Are Dead is released, Netflix will have nine zombie Originals streaming for fans.

Plot and cast of All of Us Are Dead

A brief synopsis for the upcoming K-Drama zombie series sees a group of high school students trapped inside their school. Meanwhile, this happens after a zombie virus has raged through the population of their city. Netflix’s official synopsis reads, “Zombies have overrun our school Will you escape, die, or unite to survive?”

Season 1 of the series will have a total of eight episodes, each approximately 42 minutes in length. Moreover, the cast of the Netflix K-Drama series is confirmed. Among the list of leads are a number of well-known South Korean actors, as follows.

The role of Cheong San is played by Yoon Chan Young or Light for the Youth, Nobody Knows and Everything and Nothing fame. Meanwhile, Park Ji Hoo (Home Without Me, The Witness, House of Hummingbird) plays the role of Ohn Jo.

Netflix K-Drama zombie series All of Us are Dead
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The role of Nam Ra is played by Jo Yi Hyun of Hospital Playlist, The Guest, My Country: The New Age fame. Moreover, Yoo In Soo is in the role of Gwi Nam. The actor is known for Stranger 2, Moment at Eighteen and MY ID is Gangnam Beauty. As for the role of Su Hyuk, Park Solomon plays the part and is known for Lookism, Horror Stories 3 and Sweet Revenge.

What’s on Netflix also has an extensive list of supporting cast members in the zombie horror series.

Will there be more seasons of the zombie K-drama series?

Future seasons will depend on the success of Season 1, but as both K-Dramas and zombies are popular viewing choices, it will likely have more. Meanwhile, looking at the source material from the webtoon, there are some 130 chapters for writers to choose from. This means All of Us Are Dead is likely to have at least two seasons.

When does All of Us Are Dead release on Netflix?

After the Netflix TUDUM event announced that the zombie K-Drama is coming in January 2022, an exact date has now been released. All of Us Are Dead is set to drop on the streamer globally on January 28, 2022. Readers can enjoy the trailer for the horror series here.

Readers, will you be bingeing All of Us Are Dead when it debuts on Netflix on January 28? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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