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MTV’s ‘Catfish’ Season 9 Bombshell: Is Max Back?

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Nev Schulman may have just dropped a bombshell about MTV’s Catfish ahead of the Season 9 Premiere involving his former co-host Max Joseph. Is Max returning to be a part of Catfish? If he is returning, what does this mean for Kamie Crawford? Moreover, why do fans think Max might be returning to the MTV series all of the sudden?

Nev Schulman drops teasing video on Catfish fans: Is Max back?

Nev Schulman dropped a pretty teasing video on social media an hour ago. The video featured him and his good pal — and former co-host — Max Joseph. Max stood with his back to Nev while rocking a black puffer coat. Max had a serious expression on his face up until the last few seconds of the video. Nev comes into the frame rocking a snappy blue suit jacket complete with matching pants. He proceeds to bump and grind before turning to rub his backside against Max’s.

The moment Nev Schulman flips around and rubs his backside against Max, his friend loses his serious composure and tumbles forward bursting into laughter. The video features Nev dancing to the song “Pony” by Ginuwine. With lyrics that go: “I’m looking for a partner,” the song was very fitting for Max and Nev’s relationship.

Nev Schulman - Instagram
Nev Schulman – Instagram

Catfish Season 9: Wait, is Max back?

Fans of Catfish were not sure how to process this fun video. They loved seeing Max Joseph and Nev Schulman together. But, what did this video mean? Was Nev teasing the return of his co-host Max? Would Kamie Crawford still be a part of the series if Max returns? Unsurprisingly, fans rushed to the comments. They flooded it with variations of one simple question. Was Max returning?

One of the comments received a pretty significant amount of replies because someone responded to the question that “yes” Max was returning to the series. Others chimed in to celebrate they were thrilled. Fans were devastated when Nev’s co-host and cameraman walked away from the series back in 2018. The conversation didn’t stop there, however. One fan questioned where the person that said yes found the information that Max had returned. They added they couldn’t find a scrap of information anywhere to confirm his return.

Nev Schulman - Instagram
Nev Schulman – Instagram

So, we did some deep diving. Asked all the big questions. Is Max back? Has Max returned? Will Max be in Season 9 of Catfish? Unfortunately, the individual who left that last comment was right. Presently, there isn’t a scrap of information anywhere to confirm his return to the series. Nev Schulman’s fun video is the only thing fueling that rumor at this point.

So, what does Nev Schulman’s video mean?

Now, fans of Catfish were quick to assume the video meant Max and Nev were working together on Catfish Season 9. But, what did the caption of the video say?

Do you think Max misses me as much as I miss him???”

Nev Schulman’s caption uses the word “misses” not the word “missed.” If his friend had returned to be the co-host of the new season… It would have made more sense for him to use the word “missed.” At best, this video could just be Nev promoting Season 9 of Catfish which premieres tomorrow on MTV.

Nev Schulman - Instagram
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Catfish Season 9: Nev promises small, but meaningful change

Sitting down exclusively with Ok! Magazine, Nev Schulman did promise a small, but meaningful change for the new series. Unfortunately, this change isn’t Max returning to the series. So, what change is coming? Speaking to the outlet, Nev admits that any great TV show takes a few seasons to get established and really build a foundation. Fans know, COVID-19 drastically changed things for the series forcing them to run the entire show from Zoom. So, Nev admits he is thrilled to get back on the road and do some traveling again.

During his interview, he reminds the outlet how an episode typically goes. The episode kicks off with Nev and his co-host reading an email. Then, they chat with the person on FaceTime or Skype. After that, they travel to meet the person. Nev reveals they are going to skip a step. After reading the intro email, they are just going to shift to an in-person meeting so they can figure things out.

Nev tells the outlet it is just a small change, but a meaningful one.

Catfish: The TV Show
Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford are back on Catfish for MTV. Pic credit: MTV

When is the Catfish Season 9 Premiere?

Without any confirmation, we don’t have any reason to believe Max will be back for Catfish Season 9. We, however, can confirm the Season 9 Premiere will air tomorrow night on MTV.

Are viewers reading too much into Nev Schulman’s video? Or, is there hope that Max Joseph is back? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, let us know if you will watch the Season 9 Premiere of Catfish tomorrow.

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