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‘Love After Lockup’ Kristianna Miller Reveals HUGE Life Secret

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It took some time but now fans are rooting for Love After Lockup star Kristianna Miller. She had a rough go of it having been in prison. Even after being released, she was sent back for a violation. Now, she is out, clean, and happily married. Yet, she is still trying to put all of the puzzle pieces back together. A big part of that is being honest with her past and that is not always easy.

Kristianna Finds Love After Lockup– And Trouble

When John Miller met Kristianna Roth, he was so excited to spend his life with her. He made sure he had a shotgun wedding ready for the moment she was released. Her happiness did not last long as she was sent back to prison for another year for a violation. During that time, her ailing mother and former addict sister, Terra moved in. Unfortunately, Terra saw how sad and lonely John was and prayed upon him. She began to flirt with him and he almost took the bait.

Love After Lockup Credit: YouTube

When Kristianna was released, she learned what had happened and forgave them both. To make it up to her, John proposed once again. He wanted to give her the wedding she deserved. Unfortunately, it appeared Terra had relapsed thus John told her not to come to the wedding. Furthermore, her mother’s health kept deteriorating. Kristianna also had to reconcile with her son in order to have the proper wedding.

By the time the wedding was about to go down, her son showed up but her sister was MIA. Kristianna was devastated but made the most out of her day. Unfortunately, as the last season of Life After Lockup came to an end, Kristianna disappeared. John believed she went to be with Terra and had relapsed. He said goodbye to his hair and his wife, their marriage was over. So, what happened next?

The Truth About Kristianna

There were no clear answers as to where she went but Kristianna did return home to John and they are making their marriage work. She is trying to find better employment as she was let go from a job she had due to being a reality star. Her relationship with her mother is a tad rocky but she admits she is used to that. Kristianna also underwent a makeover, cutting and coloring her hair. Credit: Kristianna Miller Facebook

An even bigger transformation is her search for missing pieces and her brazen honesty. In a Facebook post from early Tuesday, Kristianna shared a big secret. She gave up two daughters for adoption at the height of her addiction. Her goal was to give them much better lives. Now that she is in a better headspace, she is hopeful she can reconnect with these two girls. Kristianna acknowledges she is lucky to have the support of her husband, stepkids, and her son.

Hopefully, when the time is right, all of the pieces will come together for the Love After Lockup star.

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