Below Deck Rayna Lindsey Addresses Conflicting Behavior [Screenshot | YouTube]

‘Below Deck’ Rayna Lindsey Addresses Conflicting Behavior

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Below Deck star Rayna Lindsey had fans confused about her behavior on the show. On the Monday, January 3rd episode, she accepted chief stew Heather Chase’s apology for saying the n-word. When the episode first aired on Bravo, Heather issued a public apology on Instagram. Shortly thereafter, Rayna called her apology “fake as hell.”

Not only did Heather apologize on social media, but she also apologized to Rayna on the show. It appeared that Rayna accepted her apology. But later on in the show, she revealed that she couldn’t forgive her. The Bravo star made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to explain her side of the story.

Rayna Lindsey doesn’t accept Heather’s apology

Rayna Lindsey appeared for the first time on WWHL since the incident happened. She wanted to address her recent feelings on Heather’s apology and the ongoing situation. Only Rayna can accept Heather’s apology. It’s not for the entire world to accept, even if it hurt an entire community of people. Yet, the incident happened between the both of them.

A few episodes ago on Below Deck, Heather said the n-word a few times on camera. She repeated it to her fellow crew member, Rayna, who is Black. While she said it, there’s no reason for a white person to repeat it. Heather denied saying it and did not apologize for what happened.

Below Deck Heather's Apology Is Fake Says Rayna [Screenshot | Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Screenshot | Bravo TV/YouTube]
Rayna calmly brought up that Heather couldn’t say the word. Heather only said “sorry” at the time, and casually brushed it off. In the next few days, Heather finally apologized, but Rayna did not accept her apology. Andy asked her how she felt watching the footage back.

“It’s uncomfortable and cringey to watch,” the Below Deck star said. “Especially when it’s like we’re all adults and it’s 2021….It’s something that should just be known.”

Rayna was only concerned about Heather’s feelings at the time. She agrees that she should have shifted the conversation “in a completely different direction. She thinks that Heather should be concerned about others’ feelings rather than her own. Heather cried after admitting she said the n-word.

Below Deck star addresses her conflicting behavior

Rayna also reflected on her conflicting behavior about Heather’s apology. She said that she didn’t want to come across as the angry Black woman stereotype. Rayna still feels “genuinely hurt” and wanted her concerns to be heard. She didn’t want to be seen as “over-the-top” on the show.

Andy asked Rayna why she accepted Heather’s apology at first but then told stew Fraser Olender that she could never forgive her. Rayna said the show didn’t show the entire situation. She called out Heather’s “fake tears.” Andy asked, “You felt it was insincere?”

Rayna responded, “completely.” Then, she continued to explain herself. She didn’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings. At the time, that was Rayna’s main concern.

Rayna Lindsey Addresses Conflicting Behavior [Credit: Rayna Lindsey/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Rayna Lindsey/Instagram Stories]
“When I hurt people’s feelings, that genuinely hurts me. I’m worried so much about her feelings when I should not have been put in that position,” the Below Deck star explained. “I shouldn’t have been worried about her. I should have been worried about myself, and I wasn’t.”

Rayna also took to her Instagram Stories to share more. She claimed it was hard to watch Heather fake cry in front of her. The deckhand also agreed with a fan who said that Heather should’ve apologized immediately after saying the n-word.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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  1. No no no fans are not demanding her to be fired! If she gets fired Rayna gets fired too! She has been so racist all season and she aims it at people. I’m sick of Rayna and all I want now is for her to shut up already. The only racist on the boat is Rayna!! Rayna is 2-faced, a liar, a whiner, lazy, easy. She’s the one that’s hard to watch!! Get it right Andy we aren’t happy with Rayna, not even a little bit!!

    1. I think she came on the boat with an agenda… many times does
      she refer to “white privilege” ? She is fake and two faced….

  2. Rayna is lazy and rarely did her job. I found the excuses for her behavior and work ethic to be lame. She used the word quite freely as do many entertainers.

    Rayna was fake on several occasions and her behavior was to the point of obscene being naked in bed with a guy with a girlfriend.

    All around I don’t feel she should come back. I’m not interested in seeing more of her.

  3. Rayna, you are making this whole situation worse, Heather has apologized twice, both times you seemed to accept Heather’s apology, then later after a few drinks, YOU bring it all back up again, either accept Heather’s apology or not, BUT…., don’t accept her apology, then go, oh…. wait, her apology was sooooo fake, please, you are playing victim

  4. This girl is definitely trying to bring her own agenda. She said the word FIRST and then has bitched & complained the entire season about everything and everyone. As a THEY, she needs to go – My other Mother and best friend are black and they think she is ridiculous.

  5. 1) don’t use a word you don’t want to hear.. PERIOD end of that story.
    2) if someone apologizes you either tell them you’re not over it yet and need time, or you accept their apology./ you don’t accept an apology and keep talking to everyone else about it~AND try to drum up large public opinion against that person. this type of crap can ruin a person’s life.
    3) yes, this word due to the history behind it, ~is horrifically wrong to use ever, by anyone. NO ONE ought to use.

  6. Didn’t she say it first as part of a song and then Heather repeated – stop with the double standard- perhaps you should base your complaint to all recording artists that use the word and media that plays it. I hate the word too but all a person can do and say is I’m sorry – I’ve learnt from this and it won’t happen again – and more importantly to educate we have to forgive and re-educate to move forward- she handled this in a very immature manner

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