WWE News: Brock Lesnar’s Next 3 Title Defenses Leaked


Heading into WWE Day 1 last Saturday night, the marquee match was set between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. Lesnar was ready to challenge Reigns for his Universal Title until the champion announced only hours before the show that he tested positive for COVID-19. WWE scrambled and inserted Lesnar into the WWE Championship match where he pinned Big E to become the new champion.

WWE News: Lesnar’s Next Rampage

After Brock Lesnar surprised the WWE Universe with his title win at Day 1, many wondered what was next for the beast. According to a report from WWF Old School, Lesnar’s next three matches have been penciled in to take him to Wrestlemania. Lesnar’s first title defense is scheduled to take place at the Royal Rumble on January 29 against Big E. Due to Big E losing his title in a Fatal Five-Way match at Day 1, it would make sense for the former champion to get a rematch in a one-on-one encounter.

With Brock Lesnar expected to retain his title against Big E at the Royal Rumble, next up is a match against Bobby Lashley. The Lesnar-Lashley battle is set to take place at Super Showdown in February, live in Saudi Arabia. A Lesnar-Lashley match has been talked about for years, especially due to both men’s MMA backgrounds. Lashley is coming off the hottest streak of his wrestling career in 2021. Holding the WWE Championship for months in 2021, Lashley has been the anchor for WWE Raw.

Mania Main Event

As Brock Lesnar is once against expected to come out on top, he’s set to finally face Roman Reigns. The match is looking to headline at Wrestlemania 38 in April from Arlington, Texas. The Lesnar-Reigns feud might have been delayed due to COVID, but it only ramps up the anticipation. Rumors have speculated about a potential unification match that would bring the WWE Championship and Universal Champion together. Despite this, nothing is set in stone on that note.

WWE News: Meltzer’s 2 Cents

The speculation of Brock Lesnar’s next challenge was doubled down by reporter Dave Meltzer. On Monday’s Wrestling Observer Live, Meltzer pointed out the tease of a Lesnar-Lashley as the two held a staredown during the Day 1 main event. “So with Lesnar as champion the next step is Lesnar vs. Lashley,” Meltzer went on to say. “You could tell as they teased that glare at the end. So, and the match was booked specifically for that direction,” Meltzer continued. Lesnar’s latest title reign will continue starting on Monday Night Raw this week.



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