Meri Brown Shares Secret To Keeping Her Mom’s Hugs Alive

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown had a tough 2021. She lost her mom just a little more than nine months ago. Meri was very close to her mom and misses her terribly. She went to Instagram to share how months later she’s keeping her mom’s hugs alive.

Meri Brown shares how she keeps her mom’s hugs alive

Losing her mom was incredibly hard for Meri Brown. The Sister Wives star has gone through many struggles in recent months. Not only did she lose her mom, but her marriage to Kody Brown is also seemingly over. They have both voiced that their romantic relationship is basically nonexistent.

Now, Meri went to Instagram to share with followers how she is keeping her mom’s hugs alive for herself and her mom’s grandchildren. She shared a beautiful photo of her mom smiling and wearing one of her favorite LuLaRoe shirts.

Meri began her post by saying, “My sweet mom passed away a little over 9 months ago. It’s still so strange knowing I don’t get to hear her voice again, listen to her advice anymore, or get one of her sweet and loving hugs.”

She continued talking about how with herself and her two sisters being LuLaRue consultants that her mom had quite the collection of Randy shirts. This style of shirt was her absolute favorite from LuLaRue.

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Since her mom loved these shirts so much, Meri suggested having the Randy shirts made into memory bears for all of the grandkids as Christmas gifts. They went forward with the brilliant idea and the grandkids loved their new bear.

Meri said, “They were a hit among the grandkids, and now they all have a special memory, and way to get a Grandma hug when they need it!”

So, when anyone wants a hug from Meri’s mom all they have to do is give one of the bears a big squeeze.

Staying positive

Meri Brown is doing her best to stay positive as everyone enters 2022. She shared a video with fans saying that she will continue to be her authentic self. Meri is looking towards the future and says she has life goals she will be achieving. She even said she loves her life.

Meri also vowed to keep being herself because that is what makes her happy. She encouraged all of her followers to continue to grow and pursue their dreams as well. Fans love Meri’s positive attitude and encouragement.

She also debuted a new look in which fans raved about her amazing new hairstyle. With new hair and a positive mind, Meri is ready to grab 2022 by the horns.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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