Jackson & Jacob Roloff Spirit Animals?

Are Little People, Big World star Jackson Roloff and his uncle Jacob spirit animals? A new picture seems to suggest that they are just like each other. Over the years, the uncle-nephew duo has taken lots of great photos together. But, thanks to the holiday season, they were able to get back together and enjoy some quality time.

Amid the holiday festivities, many members of the Roloff family hopped online to document their fun times together. Fans got to be a part of the fun, thanks to social media. Tori Roloff took fans along on their visit with Santa Claus. Audrey Roloff documented her baby Radley’s first snow. Jacob and Isabel Roloff showed off their newborn baby‘s first Christmas photos, too.


On Monday, Amy Roloff shared a bunch of family photos, featuring all of her grandchildren together. It was a very special gathering because it was the first time many of the new grandkids met each other. Two babies joined the family in 2021.

Along with those photos, a new picture of Jackson and Jacob has been posted, revealing that they’re basically twins.

Jackson & Jacob Roloff twin in their latest photo together.

It looks like buddies Jackson and Jacob were able to reconnect during a holiday get-together with family. In a new photo posted on social media, which was taken around the holidays, Jacob and Jackson sit side-by-side on a chair. Both of them are posing with a hand on their chin and giving the camera a serious look. They look identical to each other, from their poses to their facial expressions.


A LPBW fan noticed how similar Jacob and Jackson look. They commented, “I see a lot of Jacob’s facial features in Jackson. So cute.” Other fans agree with the statement.

Another fan commented on Amy’s post, saying, “I Think someone loves his uncle.” It certainly looks like Jackson and Jacob are very close. Hopefully, Jackson and Jacob will spend lots more time together soon. Jackson might be excited to hang out with his newborn cousin, Mateo, who is Jacob’s first child. In a few years, the cousins might be running around together and making memories of their own.

So, do you agree that Jackson and his uncle Jacob Roloff are spirit animals? What do you think of the new photos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Roloff family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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