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‘Doctor Who:’ Will Jodie Whittaker’s Replacement Be Another Woman?


Doctor Who has had a worldwide audience for decades and it is estimated that 110 million people watch it around the globe. Jodie Whittaker is the thirteenth person to play the doctor, but her time in the role is coming to an end. The show, of course, will go on, but will Whittaker’s replacement be another woman? Here’s what the show’s producers are saying.

The History Of ‘Doctor Who’

The doctor hasn’t always been a woman. In fact, Whittaker was the first actress to take on the role. The 12 individuals who took on the part of the doctor before her were men. However, producers are dropping hints that she won’t be the last female doc viewers see. Whittaker took the role over after one of the most well-known doctors in the show’s history: Peter Capaldi. He played the good doctor in the three series before Whittaker took the role. This is the way the show has evolved for nearly 40 years. The first doctor took the screen in 1963. Since then, each eventually falls into a time loop, opening the door for a new actor to take the part.

Doctor Who

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Before Capaldi, 11 other people had taken on the role. William Hartnell, Matt Smith, David Tennant, and Capaldi have remained fan-favorites. Whittaker will now take a special place in fans’ hearts as well. While much of the show’s history has been male-dominated, producers are hinting that the next star who plays the role may be another woman. 

Who Will Be Next?

Whittaker truly made history as the first female to take on the role. In a special episode that aired on New Year’s Day, she started to say goodbye to the character. She has played the doctor since 2017 and, after five years, Whittaker is moving on to new roles. The question of who the next doctor will be is always a hot topic for people who watch the program. Leaked production notes from BBC are pointing to another female lead though. The notes detail what the doctor will be up to in the newest series and will need to use “her” wits to get out of certain situations.

Doctor Who

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Right now, Lydia West is a frontrunner to follow Whittaker as the doctor. This is allegedly who producers are gunning for to take on the part. Many of the other people whose names have been mentioned are co-stars on It’s A Sin. Olly Alexander’s name has also been mentioned as a potential actor for the role. It is rumored that Omari Douglas may be another potential actor for the gig. So, there is still time to see who the next doctor will be. As Whittaker signs off as Doctor Who, it will be exciting to see who takes her place, no matter who it is.

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