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‘Mama June’ News: Sugar Bear & Jennifer Thompson Split

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Sad news for Mama June fans as Sugar Bear and Jennifer Thompson have split. It was on December 30th that Jennifer Thompson took to her more private Facebook profile to reveal she was saying goodbye to more than just the year 2021.

Mama June News: Sugar Bear & Jennifer Thompson Split

The WEtv star revealed that she was saying goodbye to her marriage to Sugar Bear a.k.a. Mike Thompson. She, however, proceeded to reassure her followers and friends that she and Sugar Bear would remain friends. Jennifer Thompson acknowledged that her split from Sugar Bear would be hard. But, they would do what they needed to so they could work through their issues and find a way to continue to be friends.

While she did not clarify the reason for the split in this relationship update, one of our sources that sent us a screenshot of this update on her Facebook profile tells us that Sugar Bear cheated on Jennifer and that is ultimately why they are splitting up.

Jennifer and Mike - YouTube
Jennifer and Mike – YouTube

Jennifer Says Goodbye To WEtv

Jennifer Thompson’s post wasn’t just about her split from Sugar Bear. She also wanted to thank WEtv for allowing her to be a part of something for six seasons. Over the years, Jennifer says she’s got to meet a lot of great people and do a lot of incredible things. She thanks WEtv for the incredible opportunity to have a career in reality TV.

Jennifer explains she decided to release this information because it was the end of the year. She wanted to say goodbye to a few things so she could start the year 2022 fresh. Jennifer Thompson also wanted to make her split with Sugar Bear public to save her from difficult conversations if people see them together. She concluded her post by asking her Facebook friends and followers not to bother her with any questions about the split.

Jennifer Thompson - Facebook
Jennifer Thompson – Facebook

Overall, Jennifer Thompson admits she’s just ready to say goodbye to the year 2021, so she can kick off 2022 in the best way possible.

Why Did Jennifer & Sugar Bear Split Up?

Now, her post didn’t say why and she refused to answer any questions… But, Mama June fans have a lot of theories about this breakup. Some believe Sugar Bear lost interest in Jennifer completely after she dropped 100’s of pounds. Fans also know Sugar Bear was struggling to be intimate with Jennifer. Moreover, as we previously mentioned, there are also rumors swirling that Sugar Bear was unfaithful to Jennifer and that played a factor in their break-up.

Jennifer Thompson Mike YouTube
Jennifer Thompson – YouTube

Why do you think Jennifer Thompson and Sugar Bear split? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

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  1. Jennifer was controlling, pushy, jealous of Mama June, and was always over inserting herself in Sugar Bears relationship with Alana. I think that Sugar Bear and Alana would have had a much better relationship if Jennifer would have butted out. Her overwhelming jealousy of June and wanting to get camera time was a real turn off. I didn’t care for her at all and wish that they wouldn’t have had her on the show much at all.

    1. Got it all in a nutshell! She was very overbearing to him and definitely was a camera gold digging, pot stirring person, always trying to cause problems with June’s relatives and Sugar bear’s aunt. Won’t miss her ridiculous 🙄 eye rolls and talking with her eyes closed either!

      1. Yes..such a phoney WITCH….lowlife manipulater ….who the heck tries to keep a man from her kid….sugar is no prize but he should run. Not walk AWAY from that golddigger.also if she was half as GOOD as she thinks she is she would still suck

  2. I totally agree with Ellen A.
    I’m sure a lot of what we saw was made for TV drama. But from what I would surmise it’s the interference with Mike and Alana. It’s a shame in a marriage when one spouse has to lie all the time just to have a relationship with his child. Yes there was issues between Mike and Alana in the past but he’s trying to make up for that now and she won’t allow it so he has to lie and then she wants to accuse him of lying she’s making him lie. That’s not a marriage or a partnership that’s her being overbearing. She can’t control him like she wants so it’s over and it should be. They marriage wasn’t healthy for either one of them.

      1. I agree. She went out of her way to be mean to people and then would go and meet up with June’s SIL and give her a one-sided “report on everything…and of course it was her mean, evil messed up side!

  3. She was such a witch overbearing and just plain evil she treated sugar bear like shit the good thing is maybe sugarbear will have a better relationship with her dad

  4. While I didn’t like how spiteful and childishly she acted towards Pumpkin and Alana and alot I think was made up for the show ,she still came off as not a very nice person. She did seem to do better than June with her weight loss but I could tell early on that Sugar Bear liked her better fat. In that dress shop Mike started chatting up that heavy woman while Jennifer was trying on new clothes and I thought yep you lost weight and now he’s not that into you. I bet who he cheated with was alot bigger and his new gal will be too. Jennifer I wish you well with your weight loss and your future life and happiness, good luck to you! See that’s a nice send off with no malice ,just good wishes for you.

    1. I agree. While 99% of the viewers seemed to despise her, I think sugar bears equally, if not moreso, to blame. In this supposed “enlightened” era of “woke-ism”, I’m surprised many aren’t enraged at Sugarbear for not supporting Jennifer’s weight loss journey. She was unhealthy and took the brave and difficult step of losing weight, only to have him shaming her for it!

      1. Couldn’t stand her but Sugar Bear is the responsible adult that should have made it clear that he would have a relationship with Alana and she should take a step back.I honestly don’t know who’s worse out of Jennifer vs mama June’s sugar bear.They’re all horrible creatures and it has nothing to do with any of their looks

  5. You gals are right on. Some guys like big women.Sugar Bear is a cute guy and tried to be a good Dad to Alana and now he is free of her jealous interference. I wish all the family the very best. LOVE June and all of them


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