Tammy Slaton & Kody Brown? Fans Say Their Scowls Are A Perfect Match

Tammy and Kody TLC YouTube

Could Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb. Sisters be an ideal replacement wife for Kody Brown? Sister Wives fans have wondered whether Kody would seek another wife after Christine made the decision to leave him. One Sister Wives fan — that also happens to watch 1000-Lb. Sisters — tossed out the idea that Kody should give Tammy a ring.

Sister Wives fan jests their energy and scowls match perfectly

In a thread on Reddit, one individual created a side-by-side photo featuring Tammy Slaton and Kody Brown. Each of the TLC personalities had a huge scowl on their face at the time the photo was snapped. The OP of the thread jested Tammy would make a perfect wife for Kody as their scowl energy matched perfectly. Other fans chime in that their matching scowls aren’t the only trait they share.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans don’t really care for Tammy’s personality and Sister Wives fans feel exactly the same about Kody Brown. Collectively, they are both coined as rude, stubborn, and selfish. Some fans went on to jest they actually think Tammy might put Kody in his place taking the cake in the stubborn department.


Tammy and Kody TLC YouTube
Tammy and Kody TLC YouTube

Fans proceeded to point out that Janelle Brown isn’t nearly the same size as Tammy, but she is an indication that Kody doesn’t exclusively go for small women. Referencing a detail those who read their book would know, some joked that as long as Tammy Slaton didn’t eat nachos in front of him she should do fine. Some, however, joked Tammy might just teach Kody not to come between a woman and her food.

Tammy as Kody’s next wife?

Tammy Slaton did say on this season of 1000-Lb. Sisters she is looking to get married in the next five years. Sister Wives fans suspect Kody Brown might be looking to replace Christine. Now, Tammy Brown is just shy of 20 years younger than Kody. So, there is a bit of an age gap that might present a problem. Though, fans know Kody once courted a young woman fresh out of high school. So, an age gap doesn’t appear to be much of an issue for him.

Tammy and Kody TLC YouTube
Tammy and Kody TLC YouTube

The chances of Tammy Slaton being Kody Brown’s next wife are highly unlikely. Other than being on the same network and being unliked by a lot of fans, the two really don’t have anything in common. It did make for a fun fan theory on Reddit for fans to talk about though.

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  1. Doth Tammy andKody are both redicelous . They want their way.Not wanting to listen to people that are trying to show them love in the way of helpful suggestions. They both need to be left all alone. Distance yourselves from both of them.

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