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‘Love After Lockup’ Update: Did John Slater Go Back With Lacey Whitlow?

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Lacey Whitlow has seemingly been the one habit John Slater could never quite kick. The two Love and Life After Lockup stars have a long yet tumultuous history together. Whenever Lacey needed saving, there was John on his white horse. However, at the end of the recent season of Life After Lockup, John made it clear that he needed to move on from Lacey. It was time he focused on the good in his life and set her free. Has he been able to do that?

John Slater and Lacey Whitlow- Dangerous Duo?

When viewers first met John Slater, he was locked up, awaiting his time to be free and with his love Lacey. The two had been together on and off for about a decade. She said she would wait for him but was also sending scandalous photos to another inmate, Shane Whitlow. This was all documented on Love After Lockup. Though she cared for both men, Shane was released first therefore he was the one she chose.

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She always had feelings for John in some way but went on to get engaged to Shane. Lacey kept her ex in her life, even after she and Shane tied the knot. Sadly, she learned Shane had cheated on her and ran right back into John’s arms. It was always a back-and-forth situation with them until she and Shane decided to try again. This time, they underwent IVF to conceive their daughter, Summer. The hope was they could finally be a solid family but she accused him of cheating again.

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It led her to call up John and seek out his comfort. They spent one night together after she threw Shane out. After some time had passed, she met up with John to see if he wanted to be with her again but he said no. It was not healthy for him and he had a new girl he loved. By the end of the recent season of Life After Lockup, the update said they were back together. Lacey was posting pics on her Instagram of the two of them but then they were all deleted and erased. Has all of that changed?

Back Together or Bad Idea?

Lacey has a lot going on. She pleaded for help finding her estranged husband and baby daddy, Shane Whitlow. He went missing earlier this month but ended up in a mental health facility. She then filmed herself in a verbal altercation with him, referring to Shane as a “psycho.” For his part, John Slater is opening a sober living facility. He seems to be working on himself and his followers are very verbal about him staying away from Lacey.

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“I like you but not a fan of lacey. You need to stay with your girl. She isn’t using you or will send you down a dark path,” one commented on his Instagram. Another added: “Stay away from Lacey before you relapse again.” Finally: “So disappointed that you fell for her again. So many were rooting for you!” One would think he might listen to his 23.4K followers who love and care about him.

Alas, after all of his preaching, John Slater was out on New Year’s Eve partying with Lacey. They were at what appeared to be a club, according to her Instagram story. It seems he just could not quit her. Are you surprised they are back together? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Was SO hoping John could stay away from the toxic dumpster fire that is Lacey! Such a sweet guy who really seemed to finally have a handle on his recovery, a supportive gf and a bright future. Most of us who’ve struggled with MH/SA issues know what it’s like to have that one person in your life who will do anything to keep you sick while acting like they’re the only one who “really loves you” Lacey is a snake. I truly hope John will walk away before she has him arrested again, or worse….
    Progress, not perfection! You have an amazing life ahead, John. Best of luck!

  2. Shane, John, and every other man on the planet should stay the heck away from Lacey. She is a negative, toxic, downer, and has continually turned on both of these guys causing a lot of trouble for them. John has landed back in jail a couple of times because of her. Shane and John definitely have their faults but neither one of them deserve to be jerked around by some nasty chick like Lacey.

  3. Lacey is a fake in more ways than one. She’s low class and doesn’t know what real love is. She thrives on attention. A smart man would not give her the time of day.Margo

  4. Has anyone even thought about her kids? All that trash thinks about is herself. I was rooting for John to stay clean and away from her. I want Shane to get his Sh#$ together too but his lifestyle survival skills are a bit nasty as far as I am concerned. Someone needs to start thinking about those poor kids!!!!

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