‘7 Little Johnstons’: Liz & Brice Relationship Status Update

Elizabeth Johnston TLC YouTube

It was about a month ago that Elizabeth a.k.a Liz Johnston had fans of 7 Little Johnstons wanting an update on her relationship status with Brice. As we previously reported, the TLC star got cryptic on her Instagram Stories recent. And, she had 7 Little Johnstons fans worried she and Brice split up. Fortunately, there’s finally been an update on their relationship status. What do we know? Keep reading for the details.

7 Little Johnstons fans thought this couple broke up

Just a month ago, Liz Johnston posted a pretty ominous Instagram Story. It was a solid black picture with tiny white lettering that said “new beginnings.” 7 Little Johnstons fans panicked instantly thinking “new beginnings” meant her relationship with Brice had ended and she was moving on to the next chapter of her life.

Unfortunately, there were never really any additional updates to go with this mysterious post. So, fans were left to let their imaginations run wild as they pondered what it might mean.

Now, a month has passed and Liz Johnston has given her followers an update on her relationship with Brice.

Elizabeth Johnston TLC YouTube
Elizabeth – Instagram

Liz Johnston & Brice relationship update

Emma Johnston actually first teased the truth on Brice and Liz. She posted a video ok TikTok that she also shared on her Instagram profile. The video featured the entire family doing a fun trend. In the video, Liz’s boyfriend Brice was with the family participating in this trend. It was safe to assume he wouldn’t be hanging with the whole family if they broke up.

Liz Johnston doubled down on this relationship up confirming the duo were fine and still together with a few sweet photos on her own profile. Her sister Emma chimed into the comments noting Brice and Liz were the cutest couple.

Elizabeth Johnston/Instagram
Elizabeth Johnston/Instagram

Liz Johnston’s post, however, really didn’t have much to do with her relationship. She was wishing her followers a happy new year as she hung out with her family while bringing in the new year.

In the comments, fans agreed with Emma that the couple was adorable. Most, however, kept their comments simple and just wished Liz and her family a happy new year.

Were you with the fans that thought Liz Johnston and Brice broke up? Are you happy they offered this relationship status update? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Keep coming back for more on the Johnstons!

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