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Betty White Not Dead Trends On Twitter — Internet Refuses To Believe It


Betty White not dead is trending on Twitter with over 200 tweets in the last few hours. As we’ve previously reported, Betty White is dead. She passed away in the comfort of her own home just before 9:30 a.m. this morning. News of her death broke just a few hours ago. Chatter across social media, however, reveals the internet is not ready to accept the death of this icon as a reality. In fact, the internet’s unwillingness to accept that she’s died just weeks before her birthday has caused “Betty White not dead” to trend on Twitter.

Betty White not dead trends — The internet refuses to believe

According to Twitter, both “Betty White dead” and “Betty White not dead” are trending. Many admit they are hopeful this is just another hoax. Some have jested they will not believe Betty White is dead until the actress announces it herself.

Some of those talking about the death of Betty White admit her passing is sad, but only to a point. The actress was 99 years old at the time of her passing. She was just shy of turning 100. She had lived a long and full life. Some fans of Betty White have found comfort in cracking jokes. One joke that is circling is wondering if the world should be concerned that Betty White checked out instead of entering 2022 with the rest of us. While some thought it was a little early for jokes, others agreed the actress would find the comedy tied to her own passing to be hilarious.

Betty White
[Pictured Betty White (C)Cliff Lipson/CBS Broadcasting, Inc.]

The internet hopes it is a hoax: See tweets

A few hours ago, one individual tweeted asking if anyone else hoped this was simply Betty White punking Ryan Reynolds. Here are some other tweets from those in disbelief:

Overall, some of the theories attached to the hope that this is all a hoax are pretty wild.

Has her cause of death been confirmed?

Unfortunately, Betty White’s cause of death has not been released. Multiple outlets are reporting it appears as if her cause of death was natural causes. For nearly two years now, most of the world had been worried COVID-19 would take Betty White out. She’s been the victim of several death hoaxes over the years. Unfortunately, this is not one of those cases. Betty White not dead trending is just wishful thinking. She has, in fact, passed away.

Rest in peace, Betty White.


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