Sasha Farber Surprises His Wife With Special Gifts On Her Birthday

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Sasha Farber and Emma Slater are definitely a power couple. The two are excellent dancers and are preparing to go on the Dancing With The Stars tour soon. However, the two recently took some time to celebrate the Christmas holidays — and Emma’s birthday.

In case you didn’t know, Emma Slater’s birthday falls on Christmas Day. Some might find that unfortunate, but the couple makes the most of Emma’s birthday each year. Sasha Farber made sure that it was a holiday to remember. Read on to see what he did to show his love for his wife.

Sasha Farber shows his wife how much he loves her with a birthday surprise

Christmas Day was very special for the couple. On Instagram, he revealed he put together a fun scavenger hunt for Emma to do.

“So on Emma’s birthday I tried to stay off my phone for the whole day, but I only used it to record very short clips to capture special moments, I believe it’s the little moments that you cherish the most and that why I only recorded for 3 seconds at a time,” Sasha captioned the video. “The night before I hid a tone of presents and had to write in my phone where each one was just incase I forgot, WHICH I DID!! So when Emma woke up, I gave her a notes that she had to read and solve, to find her gifts 🙂 she found every single one of them !!!!!! GREAT SUCCESS! Here is what her birthday/Xmas looked like through my eyes !!!!!!! It’s was the best day!!!!”

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In the video, you watch the married couple go around their home and spots in the city so Emma can track down clues. One by one, she finds her presents. One seemed to be a virtual reality headset, which she really loved. Check out the video and see for yourself.

The couple spends a lot of time together, but they make it work in their favor

Most married couples don’t work with one another. But Sasha and Emma see a lot of each other at home and at work. So how do they make their marriage last?

According to Emma, they’re really good about separating their work life and home life.

“I think we do a really good job of separating our work life from our home life, which is crazy because we literally [do] everything together,” Emma told Us Weekly in a recent interview. “So, it is hard to separate it. For some reason, we do a really good job with that. It’s just, like, it doesn’t get to us in our personal life.”

Emma Slater/Instagram

Emma and Sasha lived separately during Dancing With The Stars due to COVID-19 protocols, but it didn’t hurt their marriage either.

“You can’t live together because of the [safety] restrictions,” Emma continued. “Obviously, we’ve lived together pre-COVID during the season and we never really fight. We don’t really argue that much. We get frustrated, but,  not at each other, like, I will witness him get frustrated about choreographing something and I’ll try to help. … We have very different choreographing sort of styles and sometimes I’ll want to use him [and ask] ‘Can I try to step out with you in the lounge?’”

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