Fans Speculate, Did Katie Thurston & John Hersey Already Break Up?

John Hersey and Katie Thurston

Fans of¬†The Bachelorette¬†are speculating that there could be trouble in paradise for Katie Thurston and John Hersey. Why do they think something is up? Well, the couple has not shared any recent posts together on social media. It doesn’t take long for rumors to flare up in Bachelor Nation and they are doing just that. So, is there is any truth to the rumors floating around? Keep reading to find out more.

Did Katie Thurston and John Hersey break up already?

The Bachelorette¬†Katie Thurston has been sharing tons on social media and talking about vacation. She’s been modeling various outfits and asking for fan input. However, one thing missing from her posts lately is John Hersey. So, is there trouble in paradise?

Katie and John announced their new love when she was revealing her tribute to Taylor Swift with her twelve days of messy. The announcement had come just less than a month since her engagement ended to Blake Moynes. Now, fans are wondering, did she already dump John too?

John Hersey/Katie Thurston/YouTube
John Hersey/Katie Thurston/YouTube

Katie went to Instagram Stories to share an update with fans and put rumors to rest. She reassured everyone that she is still dating John. In fact, she said the two are going to Mexico together for vacation. She jokingly said so fingers crossed I hope we’re still together. Katie tagged John in the story.

The two seemed to be posting tons together and then it seemed to abruptly stop. This is what triggered the rumors. Rest assured Katie and John are going strong.

Katie and John

This new couple actually has a good advantage to begin their relationship. They started out as friends. John was sent home very early on during her season of the show. However, rumors flew back then that he was the winner. He obviously wasn’t but during all that time John and Katie became close friends. They both lived in San Diego and seemed to have a lot of fun together.

Once she and Blake parted ways, Katie and John realized they had deeper feelings for one another. Now, they are navigating that new relationship together.

John just turned 28 before Christmas and Katie shared a sweet post celebrating the special day.

So, for now, Katie and John are still together. Do you think they will last? Are they a good match for one another?

Stay tuned for more updates on John and Katie.

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