Daniel Lissing Sends Special Message To Fans

Daniel Lissing-https://www.instagram.com/p/BtbZh7QhOTP/

The year is coming to a close and When Calls The Heart alum, Daniel Lissing has sent a special message out to fans around the world.

What is his message, and what could be next for the Aussie-born actor?

Daniel Lissing Sends Special Message To Fans

As another year comes to a close, Daniel Lissing has shared a few photos from his holiday season. On Wednesday, on Instagram Daniel Lissing posted a very special message to all of his fans around the world.

Sending everyone love as we approach the end of another turn around the sun. I hope 2022 brings you all lots of love, happiness and peace of mind – A big goal for me to have more of this coming year!!

The photo was location stamped Zakopane, Poland. What was Lissing doing there?

Daniel Lissing Visiting Wife’s Native Poland

Before Daniel Lissing reprised his role as Jack Thornton on When Hope Calls Christmas, he spoke with Deidre Behar from Entertainment Tonight. They spoke of his holiday plans.

First, he shared that he is Jewish, and his wife of 18 months, Nadia Lissing, is Catholic. Daniel joked that they celebrated Chrismukkah. The couple had a Christmas tree with the Star of David on top.

Next, Deidre asked about their delayed Balinese party that they originally planned for their wedding. Daniel and Nadia got married at the beginning of Covid, in 2020.

They had planned to go to Bali and marry in front of family and friends, however, the worldwide pandemic forced them to alter their plans. Instead, they had a small, private wedding.

Although the couple still wants to do it, Lissing shared that they are still cautious. They are waiting to see how things pan out in the world.

However, Lissing did reveal, “This is the first time that we’re gonna be flying to Poland, and locking it down with the family…Nadia’s family over there. We’ll be having a Polish Christmas.”

This is why The Rookie star shared a photo from Poland. He has been spending time with his in-laws, enjoying Christmas.

Daniel Lissing Message-https://www.instagram.com/p/CYFA1ybsid9/
Daniel Lissing Message-https://www.instagram.com/p/CYFA1ybsid9/

What Is Next For When Hope Calls Star?

Daniel Lissing called his emotional cameo in When Hope Calls Christmas a “love letter” to the fans. What should his fans expect next?

Hearties should be glad that he seems open to reprising Jack Thornton if it makes sense. However, he is most interested in some good storytelling.

I like telling stories that make sense to me, and I have been approached in casual ways from people that are involved with these projects like, ‘Let’s do something more. Let’s do something.’ I’m like, ‘How?’ If you can give me a good way to do it, that makes sense, then I’ll be open to listening.’

Lissing would like to work with Erin Krakow again. Moreover, Daniel seems open to possibilities. “I will say this: anything could happen!”

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  1. There was never a viewing of the body in the casket. Yes, Jack was caught in the slide, but he did not die. He was buried by debris and left for dead and never found. Jack struggled to dig himself out of the mud and debris. He had multiple injuries including a concussion with amnesia. He was eventually found by crews clearing the road from the slide and taken to a hospital to recover, not knowing his name and in the hospital for a long time. He was eventually spotted by Pastor Frank Hogan walking the halls of hospital who recognized him…(and the story goes on).

    1. yes. i love it. bring back jack, daniel lessing. elizabeth needs him. he could be mayor of the town.

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