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‘Yellowstone’: Why Season 4 Finale Has Fans Feeling Nervous

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The Season 4 finale of Yellowstone is rapidly approaching and fans are starting to feel very nervous about the possible outcome and cliffhangers. It has been one wild ride for Yellowstone fans this season. Now that the end is near anticipation and tension are building for viewers.

It has been a while since a television show has sparked so much conversation. In fact, the Yellowstone season finale is getting even more chatter than AMC’s Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, and who Negan killed leaving us all sitting on the edge of our seats. It left millions guessing for many months who they believed was on the receiving end of Negan’s barbed-wire bat, Lucille.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Fans Are Comparing  Yellowstone Season 4 To Walking Dead Season 6

Today, according to TV Line Yellowstone is starting to have that same eerie and familiar feel to it. Following last Sunday nights’ episode fans claim they are beginning to get all kinds of feels. There is an ominous cloud approaching the Dutton ranch, one that has a deadly feel to it. So we believe that Season four is going to leave us with a loss.

The loss of at least one of our beloved or not-so-beloved characters. The setup finds us afraid for Beth and her father John’s relationship.  John has finally placed Beth in her place and she is left heartbroken believing she has forever lost the love of her father.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Revenge is also a dark visitor to Yellowstone. Beth has vowed she will kill Jamie. Many people want revenge on the Duttons, however, it is Garret who feels he has more to gain by destroying the entire family. Jamie wants to kill Beth. John and Kayce have numerous enemies who would like nothing more than to see them die. But let’s break this down more.

Millions Plan To Tune In To Yellowstone Sunday Night

We hope that the show’s creator Taylor Sheridan will leave us with the entire Dutton family intact. Much like TWD Season 6, some fans feel a setup is coming. We are going to see drama galore and it will appear as if each of the Duttons has met their demise. But, when it comes down to it fans feel it will likely be someone we like but could do without. At least they hope so.

We have seen the Monica/Kayce and Avery setup. Monica is a loose cannon following the past attack on the family. But she has also revealed that she is pregnant with Kayce’s second child. This takes place just as Avery pops back into her husbands’ life with plans of possibly getting together with Kayce. A jealous Monica could kill Avery or vice versa.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Now there is Rip. Okay, face it fans all feel it. If Rip dies we riot. He is our Yellowstone Daryl. Rip is not too thrilled that Beth looked to Walker for comfort after the fallout with her dad. Rip already wants Walker dead, so his demise would not come as a surprise. Walker also wants Rip dead, so a faceoff is likely coming between these two.

As for Beth and Rip, fans want them together and would go berserk if anything happened to either of them. But, Beth is a walking time bomb and nothing she could do would really come as a surprise.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

We Need Our Duttons

However, we have to say this. In the end, TV fans have seen the loss before. During The Walking Dead not only did we lose the fan-favorite Glenn, they also hit us with a double whammy and took Abraham along with him. In Sons of Anarchy, many characters died along the way. But fans were hit the hardest when Jax Teller ended his life.

Do we know at this moment just how it will all play out for Yellowstone? 

No, for now, we can only guess and speculate until Sunday night when we must all face the dramatic Season 4 finale of Yellowstone.

Do you have a Season 4 prediction?




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