‘Survivor’ 41: Danny Is Still Salty About This…

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Nick Davis

Danny McCray was the most famous contestant on Season 41 of Survivor prior to the airing of the show. That’s because before his failed attempt at the million-dollar prize he was an NFL-free safety. He had a five-year career between playing for the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears. That premier physical ability was part of what made his tribe Luvu one of the only tribes in ‘Survivor’ history to never set foot in tribal council. A feat that would result in 4 of the final 6 being former Luvu members, and an eventual Danny was voted off in the final 6 for being a social and physical threat, but he still has a bone to pick with one of the season’s biggest new twists. Recently he went on Instagram Live with Sydney, his former Luvu tribemate and the first Luvu voted out of the game. On the hour-long talk, they cover Sydney’s travels, some fun extra details about the season that didn’t make it into the final cut, and also the infamous twist that Danny said made him want to go to blows with Probst.

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The Hourglass Twist

Season 41 introduced a number of new twists. From the “shot in the dark” for players with virtually no hope remaining to the advantage steal that incited one of the most interesting tribals of the season. Neither of the aforementioned new twists were used successfully throughout the season. The new twist that was used successfully fell into the hands of the show’s eventual winner: Erika. 

It’s known as the hourglass twist. It allowed Erika to reverse the results of a challenge she was left out of to make the winners the losers and the losers the winners. You read that correctly. Erika was allowed to reverse an immunity challenge to make the winners vulnerable and the losers safe from tribal council. Using the advantage also granted Erika immunity, so her choice was a no-brainer. The twist infuriated fans and players alike and especially ticked off Danny and Sydney. Both of whom ended up on the wrong side of the twist. Sydney became the first person voted out of Season 41’s merge as a result. And multiple episodes covered how frustrated Danny was with the outcome.

Salty Danny

In the Instagram Live, Danny pulls out his own hourglass from a board game. And he and Sydney make light of the irksome situation. While still making it clear that they maintain qualms about how it all played out.

It’s an understandable feeling. It cost Sydney her chance at a million dollars and Danny one of his closest allies. It would be nice to think that the anger drawn from these nonsensical twists would result in a new approach to how ‘Survivor’ does advantages in the future. But Probst doesn’t seem too keen on pulling the brakes on the advantage train anytime soon.

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