‘Yellowstone’s’ Cole Hauser’s Wife Was A Twin Teen Star

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On Yellowstone, Cole Hauser plays Rip Wheeler, the man who has been trying to navigate a relationship with Beth Dutton. However, in real life, Hauser has been happily married for over 15 years.

Moreover, his wife also has an acting background. What do we know about Cole Hauser’s wife, Cynthia Daniel?

Turns out, you may already know who she is.

Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Married To Sweet Valley High Star

Cole Hauser may have Hollywood Royalty in his blood, but the Yellowstone star is married to a former teen star. Cole Hauser is married to Cynthia Daniel, who, along with her sister, starred in Sweet Valley High between 1994 and 1997.

The two are on Instagram. Although they regularly post, they are still very private about their personal life. However, we know the couple married in 2006.

In addition, they have three children. Their oldest son is Ryland, who was born in 2004. In 2006, their second son, Colt was born. In 2012, their daughter Steely Rose was born.

Brittany, Cynthia Daniel-
Brittany, Cynthia Daniel-

Yellowstone Star’s Wife Is A Twin!

Now for the fun part, the Yellowstone star’s wife is a twin. Cynthia and Brittany Daniel were born on March 17, 1976, with Brittany five minutes older. When they were 12, they were the Doublemint Twins.

However, most people will remember them from another role. When they were 13, they starred in Sweet Valley High. Cynthia played Elizabeth Wakefield, while Brittany played Jessica.

According to the Sweet Valley Fandom, Cynthia says she was more like Jessica growing up. She is the one who was a cheerleader. Moreover, she didn’t take school so seriously. Brittany was more serious and studious.

The two even made their big-screen debut in The Basketball Diaries. But, not long after this, Cynthia left acting to become a photographer. She owns Five Arrows Photography.

Back in 2011, Brittany was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She is blessed she survived this. Now, both sisters are involved with Stand Up To Cancer.

Sisters Own Sweet Collection

Cynthia Daniel is part of two partnerships. One, in her marriage to her Yellowstone star hubby, and the other with her twin sister. They grew up together, they worked as actresses together, and now they own  Sweet Collections together. This is a lifestyle blog,

Moreover, the two sisters are influencers and have an Instagram account together. They model, they travel and they have loads of fun together. They do not look like they have aged since their days on Sweet Valley High.

Yet, this is show business. Never say never. It looks like Cynthia and Brittany are reinventing their careers. The twins are now starring in the new Disney+ Cheaper By The Dozen reimagining.

The sisters posted on Instagram a photo of the Deadline article. They also wrote, “Back together again! We’re thrilled to be working on @disneyplus movie with @kenyabarris @[email protected] @mercysmommy @gail.Lerner . @[email protected]

That movie should be streaming on Disney+ in March 2022.

Meanwhile, the Yellowstone Season 4 finale episode airs on Sunday, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Paramount.

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