Is Tori Spelling Having Second Thoughts About Ending Her Marriage?

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Could Tori Spelling be having second thoughts about ending her marriage to her husband Dean McDermott?  That is the question many of Tori’s followers are asking today. So why do some believe that Dean and Tori may have reconciled?

Sources close to the Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott family are revealing that the controversial couple spent the Christmas holiday together with their five children under the same roof. According to The Daily Mail reports, and despite all the divorce speculation and rumors, things went rather smoothly for Tori and Dean.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Tori Spelling Goes Beyond To Make The Holidays Happy For Her Kids

The Spelling insider reveals that the entire brood consisting of Tori, Dean, and their five children, Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau were all one big happy family for Christmas. In fact, they even claim that Spelling and McDermott were “happy to be together.” The source adds that being together is what “really mattered most to Dean and Tori. They just wanted to make sure the kids had a nice holiday at home together.”

This reveal now has fans questioning if Tori may be having a change of heart when it comes to ending her marriage with Dean. It has been one big rollercoaster ride when it comes to Dean and Tori’s marriage. Over the past several years the two have struggled to hold their relationship together. As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, the past several months have been particularly stressful for Tori.

Credit Tori Spelling Instagram
Credit Tori Spelling Instagram

Is Dean McDermott Trying To Win Tori Spellings Heart Again?

Numerous reports over the months have led Spelling fans to believe that Tori was finally calling it quits with Dean. “They have issues that are hard to remedy. And they don’t have the relationship they once did,” adds the source.

“Part of the relationship was never fully repaired after he was unfaithful. Tori doesn’t want to break up the family. But marriages with five children need to have a lot of trust.”

Over the past few months, Tori and Dean have been spending a lot of time apart. However, when questioned about their separation, both have come up with numerous excuses for their absences. Tori reveals that over the fall Dean has been away filming his new project. However, Spelling was caught looking very angry when leaving her lawyer’s offices earlier this year.

Credit: Tori Spelling Instagram
Credit: Tori Spelling Instagram

Staying Together

Anytime that fans have spotted the entire Spelling/McDermott gang together, which is rare, the entire family has been reported to have looked miserable. So it has been a hard time for the entire family.

Those closest to Spelling reveal that Tori has been at her happiest during her time without Dean. However, she is torn. On one hand, she wants her freedom and peace. However, on the other, she is finding it difficult to break away and tear the family apart. So has Tori suffered a change of heart when it comes to Dean? At this time it is unclear.

Do you believe Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott will remain married, or does divorce remain in their future?




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