Old ‘Sister Wives’ Confessional Did NOT Age Well For Kody Brown

Kody Brown

An old Sister Wives confessional featuring Kody Brown and Christine has surfaced. Fans agree this scene did not age well for Kody Brown. In fact, some fans argue this particular confessional just further supports how much of a hypocrite he truly is. What did Kody Brown say exactly that didn’t age well? Keep reading for the details on this old confessional.

Old Sister Wives confessional surfaces on Reddit

The Sister Wives subreddit has been extremely active with Season 16 currently airing on TLC. Most fans admit they are disgusted by the fact that Kody is clearly weaponizing the COVID-19 pandemic to his own advantage. One fan took to the thread late last night to drop a scene from an old episode of Sister Wives. It was a confessional. Featuring Christine and Kody Brown snuggled up on the couch together.

The OP of the post titled it “I’m just gonna leave this here” and said nothing else about the old confessional. But, it didn’t take long for other Sister Wives fans to chime into the comments. They agreed this clip just proves how much of a hypocrite Kody Brown is. And, they agreed this clip did not age well in favor of how Kody Brown is acting about COVID-19.

Kody Brown - Christine Brown Sister Wives
Kody – Christine Brown Sister Wives

In the clip, Kody Brown aggressively states that he is a man who refuses to live in fear. He added he is the kind of person who prefers to let his faith take the wheel. Sister Wives fans question why this way of thinking did not also apply to COVID-19. Has Kody Brown lost faith? Or, does he just “not live in fear” when it is convenient and easy to do so?

Sister Wives fans slam Kody Brown

In the comments, Sister Wives fans debate whether Kody has “radically changed.” Some fans argue he is a very different man than the one featured in this old confessional scene. Others, however, argue they do not believe Kody has changed at all.

Here’s what one fan had to say arguing that Kody has not changed: “But I don’t think he has. He is only interested in protecting himself, Robyn and her kids, other kids or moms be d*mned. I think he is only interested in being monogamous but won’t admit it since he isn’t one to take responsibility and won’t admit he failed his other marriages. Janelle is just a side piece since he doesn’t give a rip about his children with her.”

I’m just gonna leave this here.
by u/amylorene10 in TLCsisterwives

Some fans simply cackled as they called attention to this confessional not aging well. One noted his list of COVID-19 rules suggested he was very much living in fear.

Do you agree that this confessional did not age well for Kody Brown? Let us know in the comments down below.

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