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‘Love After Lockup’: Kristianna Miller Gets DRASTIC New Look

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Love After Lockup star Kristianna Miller has had to work hard to maintain her sobriety. In fact, there was a strong question if she had relapsed when this latest season of Life After Lockup concluded. She went missing and her husband John had all but given up hope on his marriage. Now it appears they are back and better than ever. Furthermore, Kristianna has glammed herself up and is showing it off to the world.

Kristianna’s Love After Lockup Struggles

When Kristianna was released from prison on Love After Lockup, she immediately rushed into a marriage with her prison love John. They met while she was locked up and fell in love. So, when he picked her up, he had a full-on truck wedding arranged, she just had to say yes. Sadly, Kristianna could not remain out of trouble for long as she had to go to a halfway house. Unfortunately, her freedom did not last and she was sent back to prison.

Love After Lockup Credit: WEtv
Credit: WEtv

While locked up, her mother and her sister, Terra stayed with John to keep him company. Plus, her mother was ill at the time. Without Kris knowing, Terra put the moves on John. His loneliness almost made him give in to it but he rejected her advances. John shared what had happened upon Kristianna coming home but it was still a bitter pill to swallow. To make up for everything, John re-proposed to Kristianna and they planned the wedding ceremony of the couple’s dreams.

Sadly, because Terra was thought to be using, John called and told her not to come to the wedding. Kristianna did not know this and was devastated when her sister was MIA on her big day. She continued to go through a lot as her mom got sicker and Terra was still nowhere to be seen. At the end of the season, Kristianna took off behind John’s back. He believed she went to see Terra, had fallen off the wagon and was done with the marriage. In the final updates, it said she never returned. What ended up happening with the Millers?

Kristianna Gets Her Groove Back

The Love After Lockup couple has found their way back to one another. They recently created new Facebook profiles and added their marital status. With that came a new look for Kristianna. She decided to split her hair colors between pink and purple while jazzing up her makeup. Additionally, she added a ‘CLYDE’ tattoo across her chest as they have deemed themselves Bonnie and Clyde. Kris also had the chance to reconnect with her stepchildren.  Unfortunately, she lost her job in the meantime, claiming it was because she is a reality star.

Credit: Kristianna Miller Facebook

Yet, none of this slowed her down as she has reemerged with a new haircut and color. Kristianna shared her new look on Facebook. She added she is feeling herself and asked her friends what they thought. Kristianna received 174 comments, including: “it’s a great cut for your face! you look fantastic!” Another person added: “Omg absolutely love it. I think it fits you and your personality.”

It seems Kristianna has settled into her sobriety, marriage, and is finally finding her true self. What do you think of her post-Love After Lockup makeover? Let us know in the comments below.

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