Tori Roloff Makes Huge Blunder, Asks ‘LPBW’ Fans: ‘Is That Better?’

Tori Roloff Instagram

LPBW star Tori Roloff made a pretty big blunder on social media this week. It caused a lot of concern among fans, and things got so bad that she had to take down her original post.

Thanks to the Roloff family’s TLC show, Little People, Big World, Tori has a large following on social media. She has 1.7 million followers, so lots of people see what she has to post. This has turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. She’s able to make some money by promoting products online, but she also is in the public eye. Some of her posts get a lot of backlash and others blow up for more positive reasons.

This time, fans caught her big mistake and messaged her about it to see what was going on. Fortunately, Tori has since shared an explanation and tried to make things right. So, what happened?

TLC, Tori Roloff

Tori Roloff tells LPBW fans about her big mistake.

On her Instagram stories, Tori recently shared a snap of her family’s Bernese Mountain Dog playing in the snow. Along with the photo, she revealed that Murphy “is in heaven.” Naturally, the wording she used raised some questions. Fans panicked, thinking that the dog had died.

However, she quickly deleted the post and shared a couple of explanation videos. She says, “I feel like a terrible person. I meant that Murphy was in heaven with all of the snow. Like, he’s all excited about all of the snow. He’s still alive. He’s running around outside. I am so sorry.”

She posted another clip of herself hanging out with Murphy, revealing that he’s alive and well. The large dog gets right in Tori’s face and seems very active. Tori reassures fans that he’s totally fine.

She also shared the picture again and added a different caption to make it very clear that Murphy is still alive and well. She wrote, “Hahaha this is Murphy having so much fun in the snow.” Then, she asked fans, “Is that a better caption?”

Tori Roloff Instagram

So, are you happy to see that Tori Roloff explained the situation and made sure fans knew the full story? Are you relieved to learn that Murphy is actually okay and not truly “in heaven?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Roloff family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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