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‘Teen Mom’: Jenelle Evans’ Christmas Gift From David Eason Deemed ‘Cringeworthy’ By Fans

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Former Teen Mom star, Jenelle Evans continues to be mocked by her social media following. Jenelle’s followers are just not feeling the gift that David Eason chose to give Jenelle for Christmas. So what did David give Jenelle that fans are calling inappropriate and cringeworthy?

All Teen Mom news followers are very familiar with the bizarre relationship that is Jenelle Evans and David Eason. Whether it comes from their controversial parenting to their extreme relationship conduct, fans are in agreement that the couple is definitely out there most days. Jenelle is known for loving to share just about every detail of her life on social media and Christmas is no exception.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Fans Are Getting Sick Of Jenelle Evans Constant Overshares On Social Media

Per The Sun, Evans recently shares a new TikTok video revealing her family’s holiday celebration and gift exchange. Jenelle claims she and David did not finish wrapping and prepping for Christmas until around 4 a.m. on Christmas morning. She also reveals that by 4:45 a.m. all their children were up and raring to get the festivities underway.

When it came down to Jenelle sharing her gift from David, she reveals her husband gifted her with a cheetah print and pot leaves activewear set. Fans immediately began commenting on Eason’s choice of gifts.

Credit: Jenelle Evans TikTok
Credit: Jenelle Evans TikTok

David Eason Does Not Disappoint, Buys Jenelle Evans Another Inappropriate Gift

One fans states; “Why are you wearing leopard print and cannabis-themed clothing? Your [sic] 30 Babes.”

“That cheetah and weed print makes me cringe!”

“Leopard print weed outfit…Classy.”

A fourth commenter writes, “That outfit from David looks like it came from a setup at a tacky flea market.”

The gift may have slipped by Jenelle’s followers without too many slams if Jenelle and David hadn’t just recently shared another peculiar video celebrating Jenelle’s 30th birthday. The two were slammed as being very ‘high’ as they danced around a gas station pump during their big night out.  In the video, Jenelle is wearing a skimpy red dress with 5-inch heels. The mother of 3 is also twerking behind their car as David dramatically retrieves their gas receipt at the pump.

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

“Jenelle doesn’t look too worried about her health tonight, does she?” claimed one follower.

“If she is in so much spinal pain why is she wearing those shoes and twerking?” asks another.

Is Jenelle Over Exaggerating Her Health Conditions?

Fan comments went on and on, many wondering just who was doing the driving as they continued to slam the reality TV couple coming and going. Evans’ followers do pose some interesting questions and opinions on Jenelle’s recent activities and social media shares. They claim that Jenelle is using her health issues to gain attention. Some also feel that David and Jenelle’s bizarre video and photo shares are very obnoxious and an embarrassment to not only themselves but their children.

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, a tearful Jenelle recently shared a scary health update with her fans, revealing she is afraid she could end up paralyzed and trapped in her home in the future.

While Jenelle’s son, Jace, and David’s daughter, Maryssa, are the only two quite old enough to be facing the public backlash of their parent’s strange behavior it will not be too long before  Kaiser, and Ensley may also have to face the blowback of their parents.

What are your thoughts on Jenelle Evans, David Eason’s Christmas gift, and recent bizarre videos?


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