Joy-Anna Forsyth’s Homeschooling Post Raises Concerns

Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram

Former Counting On star Joy-Anna Forsyth gave Duggar fans a peek into her homeschooling routine. She uploaded a couple of snaps to her Instagram stories, so her over one million followers can see what she and her kids are up to. Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin, share three-year-old Gideon and one-year-old Evelyn.

This isn’t the first time that Joy-Anna has told fans about homeschooling her son. She seems to be interested in following in her own parents’ footsteps. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are strong supporters of homeschooling, so Joy-Anna was homeschooled growing up. Most of Jim Bob and Michelle’s grandkids appear to be learning at home, too. However, Jill and Derick Dillard’s son Israel attends public school.

Joy Duggar from Instagram

In a new Instagram story, Joy-Anna shared a photo of Gideon on the floor “doing school.” They are working on the alphabet, shapes, letters, and numbers.

After Joy-Anna shared her most recent homeschooling post, however, some questions were raised about her son’s education.

Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram
Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram

Joy-Anna Forsyth’s post sparks concerns.

Over on Reddit, Duggar Snarks (or family critics) are discussing her recent Instagram story. Many of them noticed that she misspelled the word “familiar” as “firmiliar.” This sparked a discussion about whether she’s able to teach her kids at home well.

One user writes, “This makes me nervous. You CAN homeschool and give your kids an excellent education. Joy is at a disadvantage, though, because she doesn’t appear to have been educated well herself. There are lots of curriculum options out there, including online programs where the parent is more of a supervisor than a teacher.”

Others don’t think this post alone is an indicator that she will be homeschooling her kids. After all, Gideon would only be in preschool at this point. At that age, he might only go to preschool for half days or a couple of times per week. So, some Duggar Snarks think this is an age-appropriate activity to help him ease into kindergarten in a couple of years.

One user writes, “I died a little when I read firmilar. What she is doing now is developmentally appropriate but Dear God I hope she sends them to either public or private school when they are old enough.”

So, does Joy-Anna Forsyth’s homeschooling post concern you? Do you think her spelling errors are an indication of her education? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. If he’s learning the basics like shapes and letters that typical for a child his age but big words like familiar no thats for a first or second grader. Joy anna needs to learn how to spell and not rush a 3 year old to spell such a big word. Let him be a toddler teach him the bacics read to him Don’t do the school thing just yet and if she does homeschool him at least find someone who knows what they are doing

    1. She is not teaching him to read anything, much less big words. She is familiarizing him with the letters. The concern voiced is that she either misspelled or had a typo with the word familiar. And the word “familiar” is way too advanced for a typical first or second grader. Generally speaking, that would be fourth grade plus, maybe not even mastering it until middle school in some cases. (I taught for 30 years…)

    2. The article didn’t say she was teaching him words like “firmiliar”, it just noted that since she is homeschooling him, yet can’t spell it correctly herself, there could be issues with the quality of his education when he gets older. He is definitely doing age appropriate learning now with shapes, colors, letters, etc.

      1. I homeschooled for 9 years before my son chose to attend a public school because as a swimmer, he wanted to compete on the high school level. I have a 12th grade education. I often misspell thing while posting from my iphone. He is a senior, taking mostly honors and AP classes, a HIGH HONORS STUDENT WITH A 3.8 GPA. He’s been accepted at all the 10 public and private schools he’s applied to.

        The fact that she misspelled a word does not disqualify her from educating her children. I cringe inwardly when a few of my teacher friends repeatedly say “I seen it” and when they routinely post things such as “hope your enjoying the day”, “seemed their wasn’t anyone there” and, “I done it a few times”.

        You Duggar haters need to learn to channel your efforts towards positive endeavors.Spelling mistakes happen.

    3. Are you kidding me? You have NEVER misspelled a word while posting on social media? Yeah, I thought so! Now get off your high horse and move along.

  2. I think everyone spells a word wrong now and then and this article is petty and mean. How about writing about good things. Spread kindness, not rumors.

    1. Exactly! I was thinking how the media does everything they can to tear the Duggars down. I don’t agree with everything they do, but give them a break.

  3. It could’ve been a honest mistake. Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they are perfect. This is one video of a few seconds of their life come on! So many people are so quick to judge based on one picture or a few seconds video into their life. Before you point the finger look how many are pointing back at you.

  4. Agreed, she would have to spell better, in case. But right now, she isn’t teaching him how to SPELL the word “firmiliar”. She is getting him familiar with learning. And I trust she will make sure she improves her spelling before actually teaching him. She is intelligent enough. Love this girl.

  5. I admit that I cringe when I see phonetically spelled words or downright incorrectly spelled words but I do so with hope that by the time she is teaching Gideon such words she has seen for herself the correct spelling. I really can’t fault her for what she doesn’t know. In time, she’ll make a course correction and learn with him. And, it won’t be awkward either. I got a college level education while helping my kids with homework…especially English homework. I was encouraged to go to college because of my self directed learning from my kids. Each of us has a different path toward the same destination.

  6. It is great she is teaching him letters, numbers etc at his age instead of shoving a tablet or phone in his face.
    Her misspelling a word could have been an honest mistake. I am a state spelling bee champion but I accidentally hit the wrong key on my phone keyboard all the time.
    Homeschool is not always a bad thing. It does not mean a child will be behind. I was home schooled through high school. I turned out just fine. I homeschooled all 4 of my children at 1 point. 2 graduated at age 16 from homeschool. 2 decided to go back to public high school to graduate. All 4 are high school graduates, college graduates and have great careers. Nascar mechanic, photography and Vet, Bachelor’s in Business has a supervisor position with 1 of the largest banks in America agaming engineer. All 4 were homeschooled under Abecca Christian curriculum.
    I do not agree with all of the Duggars beliefs. I definitely do not defend Josh Duggars actions. However it is not my place to judge any of them and I think these young ladies deserve a break. I couldn’t imagine having to grow up the way they did. Having parents that hid the fact their brother molested them.
    Instead of criticizing them for every little thing. How about encouraging them and show them there is nice people in the world past their religious group.

  7. OMG. You guys!!! Have you never misspelled a word before? You’re judging her teaching ability on ONE misspelled word? Really?! Did I miss something here? Do tell!!

  8. I know plenty of publicly-schooled adults and kids whose spelling sucks. My husband is a computer whiz but he can’t spell to save his life. Give the woman a break. Geez.

  9. I would like to meet anyone who has NEVER misspelled a word! 🙄 At least she is actually spending time with her children. How ’bout highlighting that! ♥️ Move on, people. Nothing to see here. 😏

  10. How absurd! Anyone can type wrong letter when posting. Happens all the time!!
    People need to get a CV life of their own!

  11. I know many “teachers” with masters degrees and they cannot spell to save their lives. This post is ridiculous and incredibly petty and mean.

  12. Good lord! Who the hell in these comments has never posted a misspelled word??? I’m a teacher and I do it all the time… because I’m also an imperfect human being.

  13. It takes more than a 12th grade education to homeschool one’s children as their teacher. Joy needs a college education. I know she does not think she does, but she does. A college education (at least a BA or BS) enables the parent/teacher to speak better, spell better, write better, and understand and teach science, math , and social studies. Kids and adults have many questions for teachers. She should understand how to explain algebra; or WWII; or how atoms combine in chemistry. She can’t perform these functions with simply a homeschooled 12th grade education.

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